Shore-Tex™ Lifepack Lite
Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue
Baltic Black
Baltic Black
Baltic Black
Baltic Black
Baltic Black

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Shore-Tex™ Lifepack Lite

The everyday backpack to keep you organized and productive on-the-go. Ready for wherever adventure takes you, the Lifepack Lite comes complete with drop-proof laptop storage, work/life compartments, and secret pockets.

Atlantic Blue and Baltic Black Lifepack Lite's are made with Shore-Tex™, a fabric made completely from ocean-bound plastic.

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Baltic Black


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Drop it like it’s hot

With drop-proof storage, your laptop stays nice and cozy in its own plush section. Safely carry laptops up to 15 inches.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

Use our patented, anti-theft lock to keep your items safe, whether you’re working at a cafe, or meeting up with friends at a busy venue, and enjoy four secret pockets to secure your passport and cards.

This is kind of a big deal

Made with Shore-Tex™ - the upcycled ocean-bound plastic collection selected as a finalist in Fast Company's World Changing Ideas 2020

Compartmentalize like a pro

Access daily essentials while keeping your life and work organized with two main storage areas. Rest easy knowing a sock won’t fly out of your bag in a meeting as you grab your laptop.

Why we made it

We’re constantly in motion, and we wanted a bag to stay charged, organized, and productive while on-the-go. Whether you’re a road warrior, working remotely or a busy entrepreneur, this bag ensures you’re ready for anything.


•   Patented anti-theft lock
•   Integrated USB port for easy charging
•   Deluxe drop-proof laptop storage
•   Stand alone structure Suitcase mounting strap aka ‘Suitcase seatbelt’
•   4 secret passport + card pockets
•   Comfy shoulder straps + back support
•   High quality carry handle Bottle opener
•   Water resistant bottom
•   Work zone and Life zone areas

Available in two colors

Stealth Black & Charcoal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bag + Features Explanation of features

What size of Laptop can fit in Lifepack?

The bag is designed to fit anything up to a 15" Laptop. In some cases, 17" laptops can also fit as long as the width is not more than 11.4L x 15.4W inches (29.5cm L /39cm W).

What is the capacity of the bag in litres?

The bag's capacity in litres is a little under 18 Litres. This is spread between the main workzone and lifezone, with the lifezone having 30% more space than the workzone.

Can Lifepack fit a water bottle?

A water bottle can easily fit into the side pocket or be hooked onto the secure mounting point on the side of the bag.

Is Lifepack and the Solarbank able to go through TSA?

We have travelled with this bag many times without any problems in the airport. TSA regulations allow for battery powered items to be carried with you in your carry on. All certifications will be passed to allow for safe travel and transport.

How do I set the lock for the backpack?

Press and hold the lock when the correct code is entered, then reset while holding in the lock arm. When you release the lock with the new code that will become your new code. Automatically the lock is preset to 000.

Does this include a rainproof cover for the bag?
No it does not.

Powerbanks What are compatible

How do I charge my devices with the powerbank?

If you choose to use your Lifepack Lite with a Solarbank, it fully charges via a Micro USB cable by plugging into wall outlet with USB charging capacity. 2amp will charge in approximately six hours, 1amp will take over 10 hours. Press (1) Power button to check battery level. 5 LEDs = full battery. 1 = time to charge up! The upper large USB port will charge at 1a output, the lower USB port will charge at high speed 2.4a output.

How long does it take to charge the powerbank?

Two hours of sunlight per day and a 50% top up to your phone means you’ll never need to plug your solarbank into a wall! One hour of sunlight = 25% charge for your smartphone

How does the Solar power work?

The solar power generates power in sunlight best. However it can also generate power in daylight with non-direct sunlight. In ideal sunlight it will generate approximately 450mAh per hour. This means that 1 hour = 25% charge for your smartphone. Four hours will give the powerbank enough to give you a full charge on your phone. The solar panel function is meant to keep your powerbank topped up while you are on the go. The main charging function is by USB, and then the solar power keeps the level full depending how often you use it. With two hours of good light per day, and a 50% top up of your phone per day you won’t need to think about plugging it in very often at all.

How many times will the powerbank charge my phone?

Five (5) full charges for your smartphone using zero solar power. Every four hours of sunlight means one extra charge for your phone.

Dimensions Measurements of the bag

What are the dimensions of the Lifepack?

A: 11.6 x 18.5 x 7 in (29.5 x 47 x 17.8 cm)

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The perfect, lightweight, daily backpack.

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