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Great Day Pack for International Travel

Originally, I bought this just for travel, but now I use it every time I step outside my apartment. I don't woarry about theft when traveling on the crowded buses down here.

By Glen on April 29, 2017

The perfect backpack for a college student!

I can honestly say that it's one of the best investments I've ever made. My phone is never dead, and I'm always the hero when one of my friends has low battery. 

By Amazon Customer on May 7, 2017

Must have work/play backpack!

I love the design and practicality of these bags which are now must take on all trips. The battery pack/speaker is super convenient and makes me want to work remotely all the time.

By Donald W. Roeseke on April 30, 2017

The best work pack EVER!

I love it so much. It holds everything I need when going out on conferences. Or workshops I conduct. I can bring my music, because the solar powered speaker system is awesome!

By RebelwithaCause on April 29, 2017

It was one of the best investments I've ever made

I travel with it everywhere. it's sturdy and has so many cool features. It's sure to impress your friends due to its practicality. Like offering a charge for someone in need.

By thecrazypoet on April 28, 2017

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