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Hustle Collection Online Press Office

Hi there! Thanks for being interested to learn more about us. If you have any questions on press please send them directly to press@solgaard.co and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We’re making bags designed to reinvent the mobile office. Working remotely is up over 500% since the 90s, and just last year has increased from 39% to 43% of people working remotely once a week! 

At Lifepack we’re working to solve a multitude of problems by re-inventing the mobile office. We’re also striving to spark a revolution in portable renewable energy – all of our bags include a Solar Powerbank.

Some of the main challenges people face when working remotely:
-Staying productive
-Power for devices (We’re working all the time, from anywhere – and our phones are always dying)
-Highly valuable items in tow - Risk of theft

We recently launched our 3rd campaign – Lifepack: the Hustle collection. We’re off to a strong start with 1300 backers. www.kickstarter.com/projects/solgaarddesign/lifepack-hustle-backpack-and-solar-shoulder-bag

“Aren’t you just another Kickstarter campaigner?” – Not quite, we’ve got a bit of a quirky edge. I’ve promised to wear leopard print every day until all of our backers get their product, and I’ve already been on National TV in Canada wearing those jeans! lol

If you have a quick look at our online press office (links below) you’ll be able to see a couple of story options you can choose from as well as great quality images of the products.

Samples are available upon request.


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“We’re designing tools for global citizens of tomorrow.”

“We’re working to ignite a revolution of portable renewable energy with Solarbank”

“These bags have been designed to help you work smarter and harder - wherever you go”