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Lock combination challenges: 

Our first batch of packaging had a problem where the lock was accidentally reset from 000 -> 009 when opening the packaging.

The first batch of locks also have an easy to use reset option, which is also an easy to reset by accident unfortunatley. As a result some people have changed their code when locking the lock. Normally it's the 2nd/3rd number that changes. So Lock combination 123 has become "124" or "122" or 125 133 113

My suggestion is to try the second 2 numbers up and down 1-2 digits from what it's supposed to be.

so lock combo 123 could now be:

123 - 124 - 125 - 134 - 145 - 122 - 121 - 133 -143 - 113 103 

There is no 'master code' that can be used to always reset the lock.

How to reset your lock when you have the correct code:


Where is my tracking number? For some reason the tracking email system failed in the USA and Europe (same shipping company, their support tells us they were supposed to send but for some reason didn't. We are trying to get the shipping company to fix it, they're taking up to 4 days to respond to questions at the moment as this is their busiest week of the year.

Where is my rain cover? - in the bottom of the bag, between your back and the bottom black plastic there is a zipper that runs horizontally. This is the access pocket for your rain cover which lives inside of there. If your bag does not have a rain cover inside of this pocket, please email us with the subject line: "missing raincover" and we will come back with a solution by January 15th.

My receipt pocket is broken - Please email us with the subject line: "broken receipt pocket" and we will come back to you with a solution by January 15th.

Why do some people have sunglasses? We wanted to get Sunglasses to all Kickstarter backers as a bonus SURPRISE, (after all, we're encouraging you to be out in the sun with a Solar backpack and wanted to show off the sunglasses pocket) but after ordering them we learned that certain countries wouldn't allow the importation of Sunglasses along with a bag, so we put them in the shipments that went to North America and Europe. 80% of bags have sunglasses in EU/USA so it ended up being luck of the draw if you get them! *it's a bit disorganized, blame it on Adrian's ADHD (this happens when he gets excited sometimes and starts something into action without learning the full set of rules beforehand) 

Why is there a hole in the front of my Lifepack?
Short version: the bag is a "Solar Powered" backpack - which means it's designed to always have the Solarbank in place.

Long version: The Solarbank pocket space/hole was a very important decision, and we put a lot of thought and testing into how we do this, including the inner layer of plastic which gives the strength to the bag to keep the solarbank in position regardless of how many items are in the bag.

To have a 'Window' of glass, Vinyl, or Plastic blocks out UV light which is what generates most of the solar energy. By having a plastic window in the bag it would render the solar panel essentially useless. All day in the sun would only give you a small trickle of power.

The bag is meant to be used with the Solarbank in it at all times, without it, the bag wouldn't give you power/tunes/solar - 3 of the 5 main features of the bag.

For other product questions please visit

^ The fastest way to get an answer is visiting the link above. ^

If you need an answer to a question which is not covered there, emailing us is the best way to get a response. Please do not attempt to contact us in 4-5 different ways (twitter/email/insta/facebook) all  at the same time as that only slows down our customer service department for all others else.

We're trying to get back to you all as quickly as possible. For those of you that are receiving your bags, please post pics on social media and tag us in them! It's a great joy for us to see your Lifepacks!


Order Status + Backer Support (updated February 2nd 2017)

*note: please check your spam folder for replies or tracking number emails*

USADeliveries Mostly Complete! (95%)

Wave 2 of black bags started shipping January 26th! Most US backers have received their bags by now. Wave 2 of black bags is for all backers who pledged after September 15th or any backers.

If you are waiting for a Stealth Black Lifepack please check your spam folder of the email account used to register.

If you are waiting for a Grey Lifepack please email (not .com)

EUROPE – Deliveries getting close to complete! (90%)

Over 2000 Lifepacks received! Most European backers have their bags.

If you are waiting for a Stealth Black Lifepack please check your spam folder of the email account used to register.

If you are waiting for a Grey Lifepack please email (not .com)

CANADADeliveries mostly complete! (90%)

Wave 2 of black bags for Canada is landing February 10th, so if you are waiting for a black bag it's coming then. You will receive a tracking number via email by February 14th.

If you are waiting for a Grey Lifepack please email (not .com)

AUSTRALIA – Deliveries mostly complete! (90%)

If you are waiting for news on your Lifepack, please check your email spam folder. If there is nothing there, please email (not .com)

ASIA/South America/Middle East - Rest of World – In progress (82%)

Most backers in this category have their bags. The final 15% of missing bags were shipped out on January 25th. Within 2 weeks you should have yours.

*Update - the shipping company made an error and 36 orders were missing from the last shipment, so these will leave HK within the next week.

If you do not have your Lifepack by February 10th, please email (not .com) and check your spam folder for a reply in case it goes in there.

If you are in a country with very expensive shipping, you have been sent a Paypal request from to help cover the cost of shipping. (i.e. if your shipping cost is $120 – you have already paid $30. There is $90 left to pay. We pay half(45) and you pay half(45), so you have a paypal request for $45) 

The best way to reach backer support is by emailing (not .com) or clicking the blue box ->