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Charge your phone with our lightweight solarbank, and keep it powered up easily by sunlight.

The Solarbank is compatible with our Lifepack, Hustle collection, and luggage.

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Power USB-C Devices

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Why we made it

Tired of our phones dying, we built a lightweight power bank, which easily integrates with any of our bags and luggage.


•  Battery stores 4-5 phone charges

•  10,000 mAh battery

•  Automatically charges in sunlight

•  4 hrs of sun = 1 phone charge

A perfect companion

Pop it in your Lifepack, Hustle bag, or Carry-on, and stay charged while you’re on the go. It easily integrates with them all.

Power when you need it most

Holding up to five full charges, never experience a dead phone again when you need it most, whether you’re traveling, running between meetings, or at the airport with no accessible outlets.

Harness the sun

Charge your solarbank boombox using the USB-C cord, or let it bask in some sunlight to top it up using its solar panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compare Solarbank Compare Solarbank

What are the differences to between both Solarbanks?

•  No speakers
•  2 Standard USB ports

•  1 Micro-USB port for charging

•  1 USB-C Port

Solarbank Boombox
•  Has Bluetooth speakers

•  2 Standard USB ports

•  1 Micro-USB port for charging

Charging Specs Charging Specs

4 hours of sun - 1 full phone charge


Battery is 10,000 mAh

When full, battery will charge your phone 5 times.
To charge from empty via solar only, will take 20+ hours of strong sunlight.
We suggest to charge via the wall outlet, and let the sun top up the Solarbank as you use it.


Dimensions Size of the Solarbank

What is the size of the Solarbank?

• 6.2 x 3.5 x  3/4 in 
• 16 x 9 x 2cm 

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