How to Avoid Paying Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Frontier Airlines baggage fees have been a controversial topic among travelers for some time. The airline is notorious for having amazing deals on one-way and round trip flights. However, to compensate for the low ticket costs, the airline charges additional fees for specific seats, checked baggage, and even carry-on luggage. With such exorbitant fees, you might be wondering why anyone would choose Frontier Airlines over other airlines that often include these fees in the price of the ticket. The answer is simple. If you know how to avoid paying Frontier Airlines baggage fees and other additional charges, the low ticket prices make the airline ideal for short flights or business trips.

Choose Your Seat Wisely

When booking a flight on Frontier Airlines, you’re asked to choose your seat. To avoid paying additional fees, look for seats that are marked as $0 seats. If you need a specific seat, such as a seat with more leg room or a seat in the front of the plane, it may cost you ad additional fee. So try your best to stay flexible. After all, if it’s a short flight, you won’t have to deal with the slight discomfort for a long period of time.

frontier airlines carry-on luggage

Travel Light with Just a Personal Item

Traveling light is one of the easiest ways to avoid paying additional airline baggage fees. Each passenger is allowed to bring one personal item on the flight. So consider purchasing a backpack that has enough space to hold your belongings, and is small enough to fit in the compartment below the seat in front of you. Ideally, a backpack, such as the Lifepack backpack, that has separate compartments for your clothes and your electronics is ideal. This makes it easier to remove items when going through airport security.

For a carry-on suitcase, check out The Carry-on Closet, an international standard size carry-on suitcase. It comes complete with a removable shelving system and is accepted as a carry-on by all airlines.

If you absolutely have to check a bag, you should pay the airline baggage fees on Frontier Airlines's website when you book your ticket. The airline offers a discount to those who pre-pay for their airline baggage fees, so if you want until you arrive at the airport to pay for your luggage, you should expect to pay more.

Join the Frequent Flyer Program

If you plan to fly Frontier Airlines a lot, the company offers a program called the “Discount Den.” This program is ideal for frequent business travelers, because it gives you discounts on the already discounted ticket prices, and it allows you to travel with up to six people at the Discount Den rate. The best part is, the Discount Den membership can be used for both business and personal travel, so it’s a great option for anyone who enjoys weekend trips in addition to traveling for business.

Whether you love short weekend trips or you travel frequently for business, Frontier Airlines is a great money-saving option. Just make sure you choose a seat on the plane that doesn’t cost extra, and you opt for a backpack instead of luggage to avoid the costly airline baggage fees.

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