What are the cheapest days to fly and travel?

What are the cheapest days to fly and travel? There are many myths about what day of the week or even time of day will give you the best price, but is any of it true? We’ve done the research and have some answers and tips for you!

Does booking on certain days of the week affect prices?


Historically, there has been speculation that booking airline tickets on certain days of the week or a particular time of the day can affect prices. The evidence on this topic is incomplete, but we do know that demand, competition, and airline price strategies are prominent in determining ticket prices. 

As a blanket statement, it is highly suggested that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to book airline tickets since they tend to be the slowest, and airlines may offer discounts or incentives to make sales.

The cheapest days to fly in America

Cheapest days of the week to fly international routes

The cheapest days of the week to fly international routes from the US are typically Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Like booking flights, flying on these three days is also typically the most inexpensive. Avoiding flights on weekends and holidays is another way to save money while traveling internationally. Be sure to look at the holidays where you are departing and where you're flying into.

Avoid booking last minute

Book flights in advance! Avoid booking last minute to save money and ensure a more stress-free travel experience. Having ample time to plan and research flight options allows time to find the perfect flight with ideal layovers and during a preferable time of day. 

Traveling during shoulder seasons


First off, what does it mean to travel during shoulder season? Shoulder season refers to the time between peak travel season and low season. For example, if a place's peak season is summer and its off-season is winter, shoulder season would be spring and fall. During shoulder season, airlines offer lower prices to attract travelers, and there are fewer crowds and more availability. Traveling during shoulder seasons can be a great way to save money and enjoy a less chaotic travel experience. 

Stay clear of the holidays

Avoid traveling during holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's, and Easter are some of the year's busiest travel times. Airlines can raise their prices during these high travel times because of the higher demand. In addition to higher prices, there are bigger crowds, longer waiting times, more delays, and limited options. Not traveling on holidays will also be a more comfortable and relaxed experience. Just think of all the news reports of busy airports and flight cancelations around Christmas time.

Cheapest day of the week to travel

The cheapest day of the week to travel depends on the destination, airline, and time of year. However, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally considered the cheapest days to travel. This is because mid-week is a less busy travel time than Monday or the weekend, and airlines offer lower prices to attract more travelers.

Avoid traveling on long-weekends


It's tempting to travel during long weekends to maximize vacation days, but if your goal is to save money (and possibly avoid crowds), avoiding long weekends is a good idea. Long weekends are popular travel times, so flights and hotels can be more expensive. 

  • Memorial Day Weekend. This holiday falls on the last Monday in May and is seen as the weekend to kick off the summer travel season.
  • Fourth of July Weekend. The first week and weekend of July
  • Labor Day Weekend. This holiday falls on the first Monday in September and is seen as the end of the summer travel season.
  • Thanksgiving Weekend. This holiday falls on the fourth Thursday of November and officially kicks off the busy holiday travel season.
  • Christmas & New Year's. This is the busiest travel time of the year! And with good reason, but if you're looking for the best airline prices, wait a few weeks into the new year.

Long story short…

In our minds, cheaper airline tickets mean more airline tickets fit in the budget, so saving money on flights means more opportunities to pack our Carry-On Closet to explore more places!


Written by Andrea Jeschke