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Join Our Ambassador Program

Become a Solgaard Gaardian

The ambassador program for world travelers and protectors

Who are the Solgaard Gaardians?

An ambassador for Solgaard and the world's oceans, Gaardians are fierce protectors of the planet sent on personalized missions via social media and rewarded for their dedication. 

Who can become a Solgaard Gaardian?

Anyone who loves traveling with Solgaard, aligns themselves with our mission to travel for good and can create inspiring travel content on social media is invited to apply to become a Solgaard Gaardian. Gaardians help inspire, educate and support our global community of travelers.

Requirements: ️

⭐️ Live anywhere ️        ⭐️ Have at least 1K followers ️      ⭐️ Be over 18 years of age

As a Gaardian, you will receive:

🎁 Freebies, gift cards, exclusive Solgaard gear and more

💰Commission on sales

🏷 Personalized discount codes

☺️ New, fun travel inspired missions every week

🌍 Membership in a global community of travelers