The age of the Digital Nomad: Here’s how to do it.

Did you know that as the world gets ever more connected, traveling and living around the globe is now possible for anyone to do. Could you ever have imagined it? Living and working in a different place every few months. Have you ever thought about spending a few years living overseas or perhaps you’ve wanted to backpack around the world or meet people from a different culture.

Well now is the perfect time to make the move!  

Time, money and commitments are not a valid excuse anymore, nothing can hold you back.

As long as you’ve got an Internet connection, you’re in business. And it is so easy nowadays to find a wifi connection when you’re travelling.

Anyone with the desire to have a flexible career and the freedom to pursue their passion can turn a great idea into a successful freelancing career.

Skype, WeTransfer, emails, dropbox, Google Drive, Slack and so many more resources are helping us in staying in contact with the world, all these also easy to use from your mobile device.

  1. Build your client base from your existing contacts. You’ll need to be maintaining a diverse client base in order to continue bringing in revenue. Keep them up to date with not only your brand but your travels and digital nomad lifestyle. Reach out to new clients too.
  2. Build your brand. Have a website and keep up to date on social media. There are loads of useful skills and techniques to learn about how to keep your audience’s attention that is cheap and easy. Newsletter and SEO mastering will help you gain a good online presence.
  3. Be diverse. See what’s trendy or popular currently and try and have a broad method of contacting your audience. As there are so many different ways of approaching. Reach out directly to prospective clients and stay in touch with old colleagues for help, you never know who you can benefit or learn from, or who might be looking for a new opportunity. Look into networking opportunities in the countries you move to as well, you’ll find lots of digital nomads hoping to find similar connections.
  4. Partner with the right people. Endorsers are a great help to brands nowadays, bloggers are one of the main successful ways of advertising now. Get in contact with agencies or like-minded professionals for help. This will also help build your professional portfolio.
  5. Keep building your skills. There are so many online platforms and courses that can help you expand your knowledge. It’s useful to keep up to date as the online world changes so frequently. No harm can be done from learning more!
  6. Do your research. Obviously there are better countries to work remotely in than others. Research them before you go so you know what to expect. A country with low cost of living might be better for you to start your business and help it grow quicker so the expenses aren’t too high. You don’t have to be there forever anyway, keep moving!