This suitcase is actually a carry-on closet that folds out into shelves

If the chaos of living out of a suitcase is the bane of your life while travelling, a new piece of luggage that transforms into a mini closet might be a solution. The Lifepack Carry-on Closet is a case that has an in-built shelving system, which hangs from the trolley handle and uses the suitcase lid as a ‘kickstand’ to keep balance. It allows travellers to stay organised and find their things faster and with less frustration.

The Lifepack case folds out into shelves. Image: Solgaard Design

For most people, having neatly packed their suitcase prior to departure, it explodes into chaos within minutes of opening it upon arrival at their destination. This new case with its six-pocket shelving system aims to solve that problem, and it was invented by Canadian Adrian Solgaard of Solgaard Design, a Danish startup. Constantly on the go, he knows firsthand the frustration of living out of a suitcase.

“I have been living out of a carry-on for the past eight months in order to perfect the design of the Lifepack Carry-on Closet,” he says. “In today’s fast-paced society, we saw the need for a quick way to organise and find items in your suitcase. Whether you are taking a weekend getaway, or you’re travelling frequently for business, I see this making a positive impact on people’s lives.”

The Lifepack case folds out into a portable closet. Image: Solgaard Design

The case has a jet black, hard PC shell with a gunmetal grey frame and a two-step telescopic trolley handle. Because of its rigid structure, you can stand or sit on it without any worry of damaging it. Open the bag and find your items neatly organised and intact. There is no need to unpack, as the shelves also have the ability to easily hang in a closet, and there’s even a separate section for your laundry. Prices start at $199/€162.

The Lifepack carry-on case folds out into shelves. Image: Solgaard Design