5 Companies Organizing Epic Adventure Travel for Women

Adventure travel is embracing the unknown, exploring the wild places on earth, and pushing yourself to the limits. What better way to do it than surrounded by a team of like minded, supportive women? This International Women’s day we’re taking inspiration from these women-led companies that arrange adventure travel for women around the world.

WHOA Travel

woman standing next to post in patagonia

WHOA organizes adventure travel for women ‘not afraid to break a nail, sweat or stereotype’. From hiking Machu Picchu, ice climbing in Patagonia or hang gliding through the Alps, all their trips are led by women. They also include a ‘Giving Back’ day, working closely with local women to do something meaningful and sustainable for their community.

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WHOA founders Allison and Danielle met on a hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Completing the challenge gave them the courage to turn their dream of creating an adventure travel for women company into reality. Follow in their footsteps up Africa’s highest mountain where a local team of female guides create an inclusive, supportive and encouraging atmosphere that can’t be beaten.

Wild Women Expeditions

woman kayaking in canada

Wild Women Expeditions arrange adventure travel for women all over the world. Women-founded and women-led, they started running female-only canoe trips in Canada before spreading to over 30 countries worldwide. Wild women prides itself on being inclusive to all women- as long as you have a thirst for adventure, you’re in.

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Trek to the top of the world with this trip to the Himalayas and catch sight of the sun rising on Everest’s peak. This is no easy walk but you’ll have support from a tight knit group of strong women every step of the way. From buzzing Kathmandu to hiking through rhododendron forests and gazing at prayer flags strewn across temples on top of the world, this is a trip of a lifetime.

Adventure Women

two japanese geishas walking

This is adventure travel for women and by women. As well as trying new activities like white water rafting or climbing, the trips always contain cultural experiences and an opportunity to meet local women and see the world through their eyes. You could chat to an apprentice geisha in Japan, join a rose petal farmer in Turkey or hang out with female artisans in Thailand. Although our everyday lives may be different, spending time together shows how values and aspirations connect us across cultures.

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Journey through Rahjastan in India and experience the Holi festival of color, a non-stop party of dancing, singing and throwing powdered colors at each other! Cook with local women in their homes, watch the sunset on the Taj Mahal and take in the color, architecture, sights, sounds and smells of this amazing country.

Intrepid Travel

group of people riding horses in desert

Intrepid Travel has introduced some women-only trips that aim to break down barriers of where traditional group travel can reach. There are still many cultures where women can’t work and tourists only see them in the background of everyday life. These trips allow you to access a side of life rarely seen by outsiders. Learn secret recipes from Bedouin women in the desert, hike the Inca trail with locals or relax on a female-only beach by the Dead Sea.

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Spend a night in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan where local women will teach you the art of henna, discover the beauty and mystery of ancient Petra and float on your back in the Dead Sea. This trip allows you to experience local life, eat homemade food and learn about traditional values and culture.

Adventures in Good Company

woman snowshoeing in switzerland

Small group adventure travel that encourages women from all backgrounds to reconnect with their adventurous selves, push themselves physically and learn about other women, cultures and the natural world. You could be hiking, skiing, paddling or snow-shoeing in the US or around the world with other women looking to push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

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Paddle and hike through the Alaskan wilderness and sleep under stars while looking out for moose and marine wildlife. This trip is all about the coast of the Kenai Peninsula where you can kayak past whales, sea lions and birdlife in the company of adventurous women.


These trips offer more than just travel but an opportunity to create a community of similarly spirited women. Pushing yourself in the great outdoors will always create memories- add a group of like minded women cheering you on and you’re guaranteed a trip of a lifetime and friends forever.

Written by Laura Sedlak