About the Hustle Backpack

The Hustle Backpack came out as our answer for a backpack for creative professionals - looking for a premium backpack below $100.

Main goals: Everyday Luxury - Comfort for all day wear - Protection of your valuable assets. 

We launched it on Kickstarter, raising over $440k from 3000 backers.

Now, influencers all over the world have been snatching these up as quickly as we re-stock them.

  • ANTI THEFT DESIGN: This bag has anti-theft features: Integrated and retractable cable lock - that means you can lock the bag to something while locking it shut. It also has secret passport pockets, hidden pockets for credit cards.
  • USB CHARGING PORT DESIGN: With a built in USB por outside and a built in powerbank storage spot with cable inside this USB bag - this offers you a convenient way to charge your phone on the go. This backpack doesn’t power itself, you need your own power bank. (not included)
  • TOP FLAP SYSTEM: Our top flap opening means easy access deep into the bag as well as a specialized storage pocket for your laptop charger and other cables that stays in the top and doesn’t get in the way. This ‘upper flap pencil case’ is especially useful since the bag stands upright on its own.
  • COMFORTABLE SHOULDER STRAP AND BACK DESIGN: Padded and adjustable shoulder straps offers light-weight carrying, EVA back material will protect your back and your laptop in heavy carry, ventilate and comfortable.
  • Size : 11.6 inches X 17.7 inches X 6 inches . Capacity :18L





If you're feeling detailed - here's a deep dive into all of the features:

 If you're feeling silly, the key features look like this:

Weatherproof - Drop proof Laptop Storage - Anti-Theft



 The Hustle Backpack is also available on Amazon Prime