A Message From Our Founder/CEO On World Oceans Day!

At Solgaard, it’s our mission to use business as a force for good - with a focus on revitalizing the ocean. The ocean generates up to 70% of our oxygen - oceanic health is vital for happy human lives.

This World Oceans Day, we celebrate our impact partnership with Sungai Watch based in Indonesia. As part of our latest long-term partnership project initiated this year, we’ve hired a team of 14 locals to collect over 1,000kgs of plastic per day from rivers and mangroves. These collaborative efforts not only intercept ocean-bound plastic from polluting the ocean, but also revitalize the mangrove ecosystems and restore their natural ability to capture carbon.

sungai watch cleanup

We use ocean-bound plastic to create materials for our award-winning backpacks, suitcases, watches, electronics and more. What’s more, for every product we sell, we save 5lbs of ocean-bound plastic (equivalent to 229 plastic bottles) from beaches, rivers and waterways around the world. Thanks to our customers and our incredible plastic collection impact partners, we’re now at 34 million plastic bottles - and counting!

shoreline watch

We see ocean-bound plastic as a visible and accessible entry point to revitalize the health of our oceans, but our efforts can’t stop there. We need to address the invisible enemy of atmospheric C02 and take action immediately to implement sustainable, large-scale carbon capture solutions. This includes mangroves, seagrass, kelp, and more. We see mangrove cleanup and revitalization as a massive global opportunity to help slow climate change.

At Solgaard, we remain fully committed to leading by example as trailblazers in sustainable consumer goods, as well as climate positive and blue carbon focused ventures moving forward. Join us as we continue exploring for good.

 As we grow, so too does our impact.

-Adrian Solgaard, Founder and CEO.