20 Not So Serious Reasons Why Your Phone Should ALWAYS be Charged

1. You receive a call informing you that you just won a free cruise trip, and it’s actually NOT a scam.

2. Your bank calls to tell you that, because of a discrepancy on their part, they are crediting your account $1,000,000.

3. Work calls to say that you are so appreciated, you do not need to come in for the rest of the year, PAID – and it’s only FEBRUARY.

4. Beyoncé tracks down your phone number and texts you a personal and free invite to her concert.

5. Powerball now calls its winners to inform and congratulate them – you only get one call or else you never learn that you’re a millionaire.

6. Bill Gates calls to tell you that he has too much money and you’re the first person he wants to share his fortune with.

7. Your celebrity crush texts you to declare his/her love and admits that he/she has actually been stalking YOU all these years.

8. Ben & Jerry’s calls to offer you a lifetime supply of ice cream WITH any toppings.

9. Your discouraging relative calls to compliment you, say that you aren’t a failure and promises to never hold your mistakes against you again.

10. Your dream job that you didn’t even apply to calls to offer you the position and says you can name your salary at any amount, no matter how high.

11. A personal trainer sends you a text with the secret to losing weight that does not involve healthy diet or exercise.

12. Colombia (yeah, the actual country) calls to offer you a lifetime supply of quality coffee.

13. You receive a text that any response at all would end world hunger.

14. You receive a text that, if goes unanswered, will start a zombie apocalypse.

15. Biggie Smalls texts you (and only you) to say he’s still alive and wants to collaborate with you on his new, surprise album that’ll out his existence to the world.

16. A stranger calls to say a Project X party is taking place and your arrival will not only make the party epic, but also achieve world peace.

17. A genie texts you (yes, TEXTS you) granting three wishes, and yes, one of them can be to have an unlimited amount of wishes.

18. The future calls to tell you all of the mistakes you’re going to make that will ruin your life and gives you the opportunity to avoid them all.

19. An avocado factory calls and, if the call is answered, all avocados you consume for the rest of your life will be perfectly ripe at the date of purchase.

20. And last, a famous journalist calls out of nowhere to write an article about you that will launch your career and set you up for success the rest of your life.


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