Stressed? 5 Easy Ways to Chill Out and Solgaard’s Suggestions

If you’re finding that you feel stressed lately and are struggling with daily tasks…welcome to the team. You are not alone in this, everyone gets stressed and faces anxiety, probably more often than you think. People can do an excellent job at hiding nervousness, but let’s get real, we’re all worried and a little lost at times. It’s time for us to face the facts that life is taking a toll on us! Now that you’ve admitted this, how can you be more chill? You’ll be surprised to know that chilling out is quite easy and hassle-free. Be chill by following these five simple words of advice.


Do something constructive with all your negative energy.

When you’re stressed, you have a bunch of built-up, negative energy inside of you that sends bad messages to your brain. Try to exercise or do physical activity to release some of that energy. It’s scientifically proven that routine exercise can block unhealthy issues of the mind (for example, depression, which leads to stress). If you’d rather not do physical activity, try to use another outlet that relaxes you and makes you feel good. If you’re a creative person, you could paint or make other art to get your mind off your current situation. If you’re musically inclined, play an instrument, sing, etc. Whatever frees your mind, whether it be exercise or artistic outlets, do that action more often.

Go outside and breathe in fresh air.

If the weather is pleasant and it’s a nice day outside, you should take advantage of the sun and go on a walk or enjoy the scenery in a park. Sunlight sends positive energy to your mind, instead of dark, gloomy days that can negatively impact your mind. Breathing in fresh air will relieve panic and give you a reasonable perspective. Bright light is so powerful to the brain that it could even help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (which obviously would cause stress). Escape for a bit and explore the outdoors.

Rest and partake in relaxing, soothing activities.

Getting enough rest is detrimental to have a positive mood. With enough sleep, your mind can regroup from the day, leading to less stress. If you do not get enough rest, your mind will not relax, and your thoughts could possibly race. Too many thoughts running through your head could cause worry. Sleep is important, and partaking in soothing activities can be helpful, too. Light a candle that you like, take a long bath, drink some herbal tea, do mediation or any other action that puts your mind at ease. Letting go of the world around you for a little time can recharge your brain, resulting in better thoughts.

 Talk about your problems if you feel it’s beneficial.

Conversing with someone can give you a better outlook, whether or not the person provides advice. Just stating what you are going through can allow you to take a better look at your problems and possibly come up with solutions. This person could be a close friend or a stranger. It’s more about what you’re saying that who you are saying it to. When you say what’s on your mind, say something after that gives off positive vibes. If you dwell on only your issues, that’s what your brain will take in. By reinforcing good thoughts after each problem is spoken of, you’re helping your mind understand that each problem can be solved one way or another.

Redirect and distract your mind.

By doing anything that you enjoy, you’re distracting your mind from the stress you’re feeling. Although this could be a temporary feeling of happiness, it’ll help you get through situations that require you to be relaxed. For example, if you’ve studied plenty for an exam, you may feel stressed from reviewing the material excessively. You could also feel under pressure from high expectations and the fear of failing. After you’ve completed your studying, do any activity (examples listed above!) to distract your mind. Redirect your thoughts for a little bit and your worries could lessen during the exam.


All in all, stress can impact our minds negatively and keep you from finishing tasks. Being mentally healthy is essential to live a good life. Stress could start to affect your body, too. For example, it could cause headaches or stomach aches from nervousness. This means that your mental health is important to be physically well. Try out some of these methods and see if they work for you!


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