The Perfect Backpack for Coachella

Lifepack means your phone always has power

Ok, so you're going to Coachella.

Your phone is gonna need power. You will want to have tunes in your tent at night. You might not be able to have a plug. You need to keep your stuff safe and locked up at night...

Look no further than Lifepack. Solar powered and anti theft backpack means with the built in lock you can keep all of your items safe. The solar panel means your battery will always have power - the built in battery of the Solarbank for Lifepack stores 6 iPhone charges and plays back music for 4 days straight. 

Snapchat/Messenger/Instagram like crazy and never worry about your phone dying. You worked hard to get those tickets, so you need your friends to know you're there ;) 

Was this article badly written? Yes. Did you Google the perfect bag for Coachella? Maybe you did. Did it work? Check out to see for yourself.


Solarbank playing music, iPhone fully charged, Lifepack in the sand camping