3 Planeloads of Certified Masks A Week Into The US!

Last week we identified a factory to produce masks and we were about to place an order and donate them to hospitals in NYC. As we got further into the paperwork we realized there would be an issue with importing them into the US and ensuring the certifications of the masks.

At that point I chatted with my friend Ryan who is the CEO of Flexport. They’ve chartered 7 cargo planes and are bringing in 3 planeloads of certified masks a week into the US - and it would stretch our donation dollars further to donate via their fund than to do it on our own. They have impressive traction and impressive scale, which makes it very efficient.

Therefore we made a donation to them ourselves, and rather than having a sale on our site where the proceeds go to bringing masks in directly, we ask that if you are able to donate and are looking for a good source to give to, we trust these guys.

Also worth noting, Arnold Schwarzenegger also gave a million bucks to this thing!

The only way we’re going to beat this thing is by working together and staying home.

As you may know, our team is based in NYC. For the last 2.5 weeks we have all been working from home. We’re going to continue working from home and doing everything we can to provide value for you while you are doing the same.

We’ll continue with the Netflix parties once a week, this week we’re going to announce our first weekly talks with people who inspire us, and we want to hear from you.

Stay well, and stay home.

Much love,

Adrian + The Solgaard Squad