8 Fun Places to Ring in the New Year

Whether you've kept your 2022 New Year's resolutions or not, start 2023 by making some inspired resolutions and new memories in an extraordinary location. Here are eight places that all know how to throw a memorable New Year's party.

Bangkok, Thailand

night time on bangkok street

World Central Square in Bangkok is what Times Square is to New York City - the center and highlight of the New Year's celebration. Bars and clubs come to life, lavish dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya River offer exotic drinks and seafood, and many rooftop parties rage across the city. All this happens with one goal in mind: to put all the partygoers in a hyped-up mood for the firework show to usher in the New Year.

Cape Town, South Africa

aerial view of capetown south africa

Cape Town is a colorful and lively place to celebrate the New Year. Cape Town transforms into a city-wide party with carnival-themed performances, boat cruises, fancy dinners, and live bands in the streets. Table Mountain or Signal Hill are great places to watch the fireworks if you want to celebrate but need some space from the crowds downtown.

Goa, India

huts on the beach in goa india

Goa is known as the party destination of India, so it's an ideal location to toast the New Year. Celebrations in Goa vary from beach parties with bonfires and barbecues, events in casinos and clubs, and more intimate settings for couples and small groups to all-out raves. Whatever activity suits your lifestyle, you'll end the year with many new memories and a fantastic firework show!

Key West, Florida, United States of America

boats at a port in key west

Think quirky, tipsy, small-town vibes with a coastal twist. This LBGTQ-friendly location has a drag queen, sushi, lowered from a Duval Street balcony in a giant high-heeled shoe at midnight. Restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops are open, and the key lime margaritas are flowing!  Key West is the place to spend New Year's Eve at least once in your life!

New York City, New York, United States of America

new york city skyline with fireworks

NYC is known for its iconic New Year's Eve party, centered around flashy concerts, a highly anticipated countdown, a lavish crystal ball drop with confetti, then a show-stopping firework show with everyone singing "Auld Lang Syne." If standing in Times Square for hours isn't your cup of tea, a dinner cruise on a yacht from Staten Island or a rooftop restaurant is a pricey but fun way to participate in the fun without being in the middle of it.

Rio de Janero, Brazil

aerial view of beach in rio de janero

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its New Year's Copacabana Beach Party, which 2 million people are estimated to attend yearly. The party culminates in a 20-minute-long firework show. After the show, it's customary for everyone to jump seven waves and make seven wishes. People also offer floating candles and flowers to the Goddess Iemanjá. To get away from the crowds, there are many beachfront restaurants with terraces to enjoy a delicious meal and drinks while watching the fireworks over Guanabara Bay.

Sydney, Australia

sydney opera house in australia

As one of the first major cities ringing in the New Year, Sydney boasts a mesmerizing firework display over the Sydney Harbor with a picturesque view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge. Visitors can view the spectacular firework show from a fancy Coast Harbor Cruise with food and drinks, a lux waterfront restaurant, or one of Sydney's many beaches. If a more family-friendly New Year's celebration is needed, Sydney is famous for its "Family Fireworks" at 9:00 PM, so little ones can join in the excitement without being kept up till midnight.

Venice, Italy

sunset in venice italy

Venice has a few different noteworthy places to bring in the New Year. St. Mark's Square has singers and artists perform up to midnight, leading to a massive firework display. La Fenice Opera House has concerts to usher in the New Year. And, of course, viewing the fireworks over any of the picture-perfect canals and stunning architecture would be an unforgettable way to start the New Year.

Where will you be ringing in the New Year?

Written by Andrea Jeschke