A Look Inside The All-Female Global Leadership Summit, Sponsored by Solgaard

Much like cheese and wine, Solgaard and Girl Gone International (GGI) are a perfect pairing that has only improved with age. And what better way to celebrate and honor International Women's Day than to share the sweet story of how that perfect pairing came to be. Which also means sharing the endearing friendship that opened an exponential amount of many perfectly timed opportunities in return.

What is GGI

Girl Gone International is a thriving, fast-growing worldwide community of almost 1 Million international women across platforms, with local communities in over 250 cities. GGI was founded in 2010 by Anne Scott to overcome her own social isolation while living overseas and has since grown into an identity, a way of life, friendship, and belonging. Community Leaders in these cities organize events to unite like-minded women in a safe and inviting space.

Introducing Anne & Adrian

As with any good story, we'll introduce the key players: Anne and Adrian. Back in 2014 in Palma de Mallorca, Adrian Solgaard picked up a friend after a GGI event and happened to meet Anne. Their friendship was destined from the first conversation, and they discovered they had many things in common. They had both lived all over the world, married young and divorced, and were both in a chaotic, messy, creative season of healing. Adrian was a safe friendship for Anne, which helped her to feel brave, safe, and more like herself than ever before. 

Adrian's fast-paced entrepreneurial life showed Anne that maybe she, too, was an entrepreneur. He took risks, worked incredibly hard, and stayed true to himself. He was on a mission much bigger than himself and had an unwavering belief that he could make his goals and dreams happen.

But, as all main characters in a story experience, the quest is never straightforward or without challenges. Things came crashing down for Adrian, and he moved into Anne's spare room. Anne, being like a big sister to him, happily took him in in return for walking her dog, Freeda. She knew he wouldn't be there long, though. After all, an inventor who created a theft-proof backpack with a solar panel to charge devices wouldn't stay down for long! This backpack was the first of its kind. Adrian created a Kickstarter campaign, his friends (Anne included) modeled for him, and the public backed him. 

Since then, Solgaard has grown into a hugely successful global business with a team of like-minded people. And ten years later, this friendship between Anne and Adrian made the GGI Community Leadership Summit possible!

How Solgaard Partnered with GGI

In November 2023, Solgaard sponsored the GGI Community Leader Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania. Over 80 women representing 50 GGI communities around the world gathered to learn, grow, connect, and plan for the future of GGI. Over 112 million women live outside of the country of their birth (by choice or circumstance), and GGI wants to represent, connect, and support as many of those women as possible. Solgaard's support and partnership brought this dream closer to a reality!

Because of the backing of Solgaard, many women grew their leadership skills and felt empowered to go back into their communities with renewed energy and focus. Some of the positive feedback:

  • "It gave me the tools to set goals for my community and myself as a leader. I have a better understanding of GGI and a great toolbox and support network to help my community thrive."
  • "I am motivated to grow my community because I know how important it is for people to know they are not alone."
  • "GGI changes lives for the better... it's something that I keep hearing over and over, and I think, as a global community, it's amazing. "

And, as a special bonus, each participant received a Carry-On Closet prior to their journey, bringing more women into Solgaard's story of adventure and friendship.

Long Story Short...

The intertwining tale of Solgaard and Girl Gone International embodies the essence of friendship and empowerment. What began as a chance encounter between Anne and Adrian blossomed into a friendship that transcended boundaries and empowers women worldwide. Through Solgaard's sponsorship of the GGI Summit, countless women found inspiration and support to lead within their communities. The collaboration strengthened the bonds within the GGI network but also extended Solgaard's reach, bringing more individuals into their story of innovation, sustainability, and adventure. 

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let us toast the enduring power of friendship and the limitless possibilities it brings. Cheers to partnerships like Solgaard and GGI, and to the countless women whose lives have been enriched by their shared journey.


Written by Andrea Jeschke (a GGI Community Leader)