Eat, Sleep, Los Angeles

Los Angeles. City of Angels, home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the L.A. Dodgers, trendy shops selling fresh-pressed green juice and fancy coffee on every corner. Not to mention the city's diversity, historic locations and museums, Tinseltown experiences, trendy nightlife, and endless sunshine. Whether you want to live in Los Angeles, work remotely there for a time, or visit for fun, you'll find the perfect neighborhood that will make you feel right at home. There's a spot for everyone in this city!

Here are some practical tips to eat, sleep, and work in Los Angeles that will have you living and working like a local.



Dan Sung Sa

A Korean restaurant in Koreatown with over 100 menu items. This K-town tavern is known for its sensory overload effect - the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes are bar none. While the extensive menu boasts over 100 items, it is known for its sweet and spicy tteokbokki (simmered rice cake), kimchi pancakes, and ten different skewers, char-grilled with a smoky aftertaste.

Los Cinco Puntos

A simple and unflashy Mexican carnicería in Boyle Heights that draws many repeat customers. This family-run establishment has fresh meats, piñatas, traditional spices, chili sold in bulk, and tacos. Carnitas are technically their specialty, but the chicharrón comes in a close second. Super thick corn tortillas, braised and simmered thick-cut meat, topped off with house-made guacamole, salsa, and pickled nopales.

Joan’s on Third

In Central L.A's buzzy gourmet marketplace and is always packed. Delicious desserts and bakery items, a tempting breakfast menu available all day, and a Chinese Chicken Salad worth trudging through traffic for. This vibrant gathering place has become a favorite meeting spot and a lovely first date location and really works for any occasion, big or small.


Located near Koreatown, they switched to a 100% plant-based menu in 2017. The owner is a longtime vegan and wanted his restaurant to reflect that by creating an exceptional, subtly Asian-inspired menu with a fried green tomato po’boy, a Vietnamese-style wrap, and corn and potato chowder. It’s also a modern spot for vegan burgers, tacos, bar food, and cocktails, and all served inside or on the patio.



Everson Royce Bar

In the Arts District, it draws you in with their string-lit back patio and keeps you there with their unique mixed drinks (prickly pear margarita, anyone?) and delicious bar food. The ambiance, excellent drinks, and small bites will keep you captivated for hours.


In Chinatown, this apothecary-themed bar, originally from New York, has quickly gained popularity in Los Angeles with its botanical-toned drinks and swanky vibe. Their outside patio always has something happening - live bands, DJs, and even the occasional burlesque show or private cocktail class.

Employees Only

In West Hollywood is another bar that started in New York but is thriving in its upscale WeHo neighborhood. The Prohibition-inspired bar has artsy cocktails and an extended dinner menu. Cheaper cocktails and bar bites are served between 6 and 8 pm, then mid-evening, the bar takes on a moodier high-end Art Deco feel. A secret speakeasy is also rumored to be accessible through a back wall.

Capri Club

Located in Eagle Rock is a charming retro Italian bar giving off a la dolce vita feels. Aperol spritzes, frozen negronis and a large assortment of wine and cocktails are served indoors or on the outdoor patio. This casual but stylish, relaxed bar also serves reasonably priced Italian bar bites and snacks.

All Season Brewing

In the historic La Brea Firestone tire station. the list of beers (mostly IPAs and lagers) is extensive and the list of cocktails leans tropical and fruity. They also have arcade games, skeeball, and tasty snacks to enjoy with friends or while watching whatever sport or award show is on.



Echo Park

A trendy neighborhood with contemporary coffee shops, organic grocery stores, up-and-coming bars, trails to hike or go for a morning run, and boutique stores.

Beverly Hills

The lux destination to stay in when visiting Los Angeles. Upscale hotels and Airbnb are prevalent in Beverly Hills and often feature picturesque gardens and poolside accommodations that resemble scenes from an old Hollywood movie.

Santa Monica

The place to stay if you want the feel of a small beach town but with the atmosphere and energy of a larger city. Some streets are quiet and quaint, and others are modern and packed with people ready to party and dance the night away. Whether you're looking for a calm or adventurous evening, head to Santa Monica Pier or the beach for the sunset.



Bricks & Scones

This place looks like an early 2000s castle, with chalkboard menus and brightly colored walls included. Reliable wifi, two floors of large wooden tables and comfy couches to work at, and delicious artisan coffee and treats make for an ideal remote work location.

Café Caravan

Located in  Los Felix, this café is modeled after a two-story coffee shop in Marrakech, with Moroccan rugs, fragrant mint tea, and colorful textile pillows. Try the Moroccan latte while working in one of the plush, quiet booths.

Central Office

Head to Downtown Los Angeles to check out this coworking space in Little Tokyo. Day offices that fit two people can be booked from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and are $100 daily. This coworking space is modern, fully furnished, and has all the amenities - speedy wifi, printers, copiers, kitchens, and office managers.

Village Workspaces

This place offers private, fully-furnished offices so you can start working as soon as you arrive. Prices start at $50 per day a person, or $900 a month, and include the use of the offices, conference rooms, lounges, cafes, podcast studios, and phone booths.




This is a biggie in Los Angeles. Yes, there is some public transit, but a car is the easiest way to explore Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Or, stay in the neighborhood you’re most interested in and walk or use a rideshare to avoid needing a car, dealing with parking, and the nightmare traffic. 

If you choose to drive, patience is key. Even native Angelenos hope for the best on the freeways. A helpful hack for interstate highways is that the even numbers run east to west, and the odd numbers run north to south. Make GPS your friend for the freeways, avoid rush hour if possible, and check the route before setting out to avoid any existing accidents or construction. 

Practice Some Safety

Los Angeles is a big city, and it’s wise to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. Like most places you travel, it’s smart to keep valuable items like your phone and wallet out of plain sight (for example: not sticking out of your back pocket.)


If you’re looking for souvenirs, skip the cheap, mass-produced kitschy items and shop at a small business. You’ll find everything from unique jewelry, stunning handmade instruments, urban-style art, framed photographs, and eccentric clothes. Or, visit one of the many thrift shops, many of which support good causes around the city.

Smile and say hello!

Los Angeles is full of friendly, chatty people who are happy to say hi and point you in the right direction if you get turned around or need a restaurant recommendation.

Long Story Short...

A visit to Los Angeles for any length of time is an unforgettable experience, whether for work, fun, or both! With natural beauty, unparalleled entertainment, and cultural diversity sprinkled with Hollywood's allure and famous tourist spots, the city has something for everyone.


Written by Andrea Jeschke