Why we created our own watches

When we do something, we really go for it.

I have known I wanted to make watches since I was 19 years old. I have always loved timepieces, and wanted to make something unique and iconic. 

In researching shapes and testing out ideas, I came up with the hexagon as a wall clock - then I ended up leaving it on the shelf, literally. In that moment, I realized that the hexagon is self-standing when flat side down. In looking into the visuals of it,  I discovered that it's actually easier to tell time with the shape of the hexagon. Six flat sides, six corners - one for each hour, makes it simpler to see the time. 'Glimpse tech' is what we decided to call it.

In my early 20s I bought myself a watch each year for my birthday, then when I turned 30 I decided to make a line of watches rather than buy myself one.

When it came time to shoot the launch video, I invited @babin to Mallorca, my favorite place in the world. It's an Island in Spain. We basically just had a great time for a few days and filmed it all - here's the result.

Youtube link

(This blog post was written by our founder, Adrian)