Every Solgaard item sold pulls 5lbs of plastic from our ocean

Our suitcase won TIME Magazine Top Inventions 2018

Why we created our own watches

When we do something, we really go for it.

I have known I wanted to make watches since I was 19 years old. I have always loved timepieces, and wanted to make something unique and iconic. 

In researching shapes and testing out ideas, I came up with the hexagon as a wall clock - then I ended up leaving it on the shelf, literally. In that moment, I realized that the hexagon is self-standing when flat side down. In looking into the visuals of it,  I discovered that it's actually easier to tell time with the shape of the hexagon. Six flat sides, six corners - one for each hour, makes it simpler to see the time. 'Glimpse tech' is what we decided to call it.

In my early 20s I bought myself a watch each year for my birthday, then when I turned 30 I decided to make a line of watches rather than buy myself one.

When it came time to shoot the launch video, I invited @babin to Mallorca, my favorite place in the world. It's an Island in Spain. We basically just had a great time for a few days and filmed it all - here's the result.

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(This blog post was written by our founder, Adrian)

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