Iceland Exempts Vaccinated and Recovered Covid Travelers from Border Measures

The mystical and Nordic country of Iceland is known for its beauty. Boasting breathtaking views of hot springs, volcanoes, and even wild miniature ponies — it’s a traveler’s dream. 

Due to the pandemic, Iceland’s economy suffered a major blow. They struggled with a Covid outbreak of their own but managed to contain it, by closing borders. Unfortunately, this small island nation relies on tourism to thrive. 

The good news is, it looks as though Iceland is on its way to making a comeback. Beginning March 18th 2021, the government has loosened their border restrictions. Global citizens of the world should be stoked! 

Until recently, exemptions were in place for only those from the EU/EEA countries. But now, the Icelandic government has changed their restrictions. To enter Iceland, anyone who’s been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 is permitted. All without the need for quarantining or testing. And, the new rules aren’t limited to vaccinations. If you can prove you’ve had a Covid infection before, you can also avoid these measures.


What do I need to know before visiting Iceland

Before you pack your bags for “The Land of Fire and Ice”, here’s exactly what you need to have:

  • Complete Covid Vaccination certificate from the World Health Organization (WHO) 
  • Complete Covid Vaccination certificate from the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • Proof of a prior Covid infection (a document of laboratory results)

As long as you have either of the documents listed above, you’ll be allowed entry. You just need to provide a hard copy or digital copy of the certifications. The papers will then be looked at by border services and finally validated by the Chief Epidemiologist. But, if the documents are found to be invalid, travelers will have to deal with the normal border health measures. Meaning, they’ll have to go through 2 rounds of testing while quarantining. So, be sure to check that your certificates of vaccination, and previous Covid infection have all the necessary information required. 

Even if you’re visiting from outside the Schengen area, you’re allowed in. The new restrictions now include Americans and those from the UK! Keep in mind though, if you’re not a Schengen resident, you’re still not allowed to travel from Iceland to the rest of Europe.

And by May 1st, Iceland’s restrictions will relax even more. The government of Iceland announced they’ll soon be allowing the entry of all Europeans without quarantining. But, they’ll still be needing to have a negative Covid screening test. 

If you decide to make your way to Iceland, we at Solgaard encourage everyone to continue to follow the CDC travel tips.

  • Always wear a mask when in public areas
  • Try to avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently

Since Covid is an ever-changing issue, before your trip, make sure to visit Iceland’s government sites daily. And, if you’d like to learn more about visas for Iceland, you can check out the Schengen Visa. That way you can stay up-to-date with the most current travel and health information. Safe travels!