India - Is It Worth the Trip?

Ask anyone if they enjoyed going to India and you will rarely get a simple answer, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Watch the way they talk about their trip and you might catch a glimpse of the mind-blowing, chaotic, beautiful and occasionally frustrating experience waiting for you. Traveling in India may not always be relaxing but it will definitely make you feel alive. In our opinion that surely makes it worth the trip.

Why Not To Go


There are more than 1 billion people in India and you may feel as if you’ve seen a fair chunk of them in one day walking through the streets of Delhi. It is the second most populous country in the world and a lot of those people will want to talk to you, sell you something, take a picture with you, or just try to help you find your hotel. The roads are full of every type of vehicle and a few holy cows (which always have the right of way). It’s best to travel lightly and keep your essentials safe, our Lifepack has got you covered with an anti-theft lock and secret pockets for your cards and passport.

travel to india crowds


The food in India is varied, delicious and cheap but it's also easy to pick up a case of Delhi belly that could have you confined to a bathroom for a few days. The most common cause of this is the tap water so avoid ice and stay away from things like salad that may have been washed. To cut down on buying plastic, take a handy travel purifier so you know your water is always clean. Stick to fruit and veg that can be peeled and avoid meat and dairy like the locals.

Visas and Vaccinations

Visitors must show a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate on arrival in India and be up to date with routine vaccinations and boosters. You will need a visa to enter India and the cost depends on which country you are traveling from.

Having Enough Time

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India is huge. From the highest mountain range in the world to stunning palaces, jungles, temples and deserts there is so much to see and experience. You would need at least a month just to get a brief idea of the different areas India has to offer. If you are time poor this is definitely a downside to visiting such a diverse and interesting county.

Why Is Visiting India Worth It?

The Photo Opportunities

photo opportunities in india

After posing at the Taj Mahal, head to the next state of Rajasthan and you could spend two weeks checking out cities known for their colors of blue, gold, white and pink. Start in the royal city of Jaipur, whose maze of pink streets have remained unchanged for centuries. Hike up to the famous Amber fort and you can watch the sun turn the city golden as it sets over the surrounding desert.

Next stop is Udaipur, a beautiful city of white palaces said to be the most romantic place in India. If you are feeling fancy you could stay at the City Palace, now a hotel, a stunning marble structure which appears to float on the lake and is only accessible by boat.

The most photographed of all Rajasthan’s colored towns is Jodhpur, painted blue to reflect the hot Indian sun. Wander its winding streets and buy handmade local crafts at the medieval bazaar.

Finish your adventure in Jaiselmeer, a city which seems carved out of the surrounding desert and where the sandstone houses glow in the sun. You are right in the desert here and a camel trek is a must, tour guides can arrange treks with overnight stays so you can wake up to sunrise over the dunes.

You Can See Tigers

There aren’t many better reasons to travel than to see a tiger in its natural habitat and in India it's not just tigers you can spot. Snow leopards, Asiatic leopards, elephants, lions and one-horned rhinos can all be seen across the country. India has over a hundred national parks and the end of the dry season in March and April is the best time to see animals, but pack your sunscreen as temperatures are high.

More Than Just Curry

india food worth traveling for

As you can imagine in such a big country, India’s food is as diverse as its landscapes. Forget what you know from your local Indian takeaway and discover regional dishes and street food from Keralan coconut curries to Nepalese inspired dumplings. To find the best food choose a restaurant busy with locals and go for the thali. This is a traditional platter that shows off the best food of the region, it always contains a rice, lentil dish, veg curries, chutney and papadum and is extremely good value. 

You Can Party Hard

holi party in india

If you’ve ever seen an Indian wedding you know that this is a country that likes to party and there are many festivals you could encounter on your trip. One of the biggest is Holi which celebrates the triumph of good over evil with huge street parties full of dancing crowds throwing colored powders and water bombs. No-one is spared a soaking so make sure you pack your essentials in a water resistant backpack such as our Endeavor made with Shore-Tex™.

We have barely scratched the surface of what India has to offer but if you are looking for an adventure that will stay with you for life, India is certainly worth the trip.