Must Have Travel Apps 2021

One of the most incredibly convenient things about traveling in the twenty-first century is the technology that helps us along the way. From packing to currency conversion, language translation, directions in a foreign country, and more, here are the best apps to stash in your smartphone.

Airplane travel apps


Scattered travel documents and emails are no way to keep your travel plans running smoothly. Turns out, there’s an app to keep your head on straight, or, at least your plans organized. Pluto allows you to keep it all in one place, even inviting your friends to plan with you. Another handy feature is pinboards from other like-minded travelers, full of recommendations for your destination.

Google Translate

google translate

A quick fix for common phrases in foreign languages you need to know on the go. Simply type in what you’re trying to say in your language, and choose the language you want it translated into. Google Translate is free and works offline.

XE Currency Converter

While you’re translating language, you may need to convert your currency, as well. It’s simple to use, convert any currency in seconds. Another handy feature is the ability to track your travel expenses. According to the app, “This simple tool uses historical rates to calculate foreign exchange charges so you won’t have to.”


momondo travel app

Find the best prices on flights worldwide. Momondo not only searches for affordable flights but the best way for you to get from point A to B, whether that be plane or train. The massive search engine sources the best deals from 900+ travel sites without tracking your search history. This means your searching won't affect the prices you see!


carry on closet packing gif

A smart packing list to help ease the stress of packing. PackPoint helps you decide what to bring along based on the weather in your destination, and activities planned. It’s totally customized to fit your trip! The app also allows you to collaborate with your travel companions, giving you a shareable personalized link.


Directions on the go! HERE WeGo finds every way you could travel to your destination of choice. Walking, public transportation, biking, car-sharing, driving, even finding parking. Some of the best features of this app are that it’s global, and accessible offline. All you need to do is download the city maps you’ll need beforehand, and you’ll be on your way.

WiFi Map TripBox: Find Hotspot

wifi speed checker

For those of us who travel without being tied to our internet providers, there’s an app for that. Wifi Map does just what it sounds like, helps you find wifi hotspots, wherever you are. If you run into a wifi hotspot requiring a password, this app will also help find the password for you.

Mobile Passport

For U.S. travelers, it’s the app that expedites you through hours of customs lines when coming back to the states. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website, “Mobile Passport allows eligible travelers to submit their passport and customs declaration information through a free, secure app on their smartphone or other mobile device.” In turn, this streamlines your process, sending you to an entirely different, much shorter line. No paper forms and pens are needed!

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