Ocean Plastic Impact: March 2024

Congrats - your order placed in March 2024 saved 6 lbs of plastic from entering the ocean! You, together with the rest of the #SolgaardSquad have helped save a total of over 1.1 million pounds from entering the ocean!

Specifically, the project you funded is a mangrove cleanup in Bali, Indonesia. We worked together with Sungai Watch, a cleanup group started by Gary, Sam, and Kelly - French siblings who grew up in Indonesia. Here's some pictures of the cleanup process!

Bali plastic cleanup collage image

Mangrove Plastic - Bali

Bali plastic cleanup group
Bali Team mangroves plastic cleanup 1
Bali Team mangroves plastic cleanup 3
Map of Bali and Kuta Location of Mangrove
Over 165,000 lbs of plastic was collected from the mangroves in total!!
Thank you for supporting healthy oceans - so we can all keep exploring for good.

-Adrian Solgaard
Founder & CEO