Positive Change

To be our best support to the black and POC community, we’re focusing our team’s efforts on the urgent need of ensuring equal treatment of all people regardless of skin color.

As a company and a team, Solgaard commits to:

Striving for a balanced and equitable representation of all races and genders within our content and influencer engagement across company channels.

Grant company employees two days of paid time off to volunteer at a political or social cause of their choosing leading up to the November election. Additionally, employees will be granted paid time off on Election Day to cast their votes.

The belief learning is the key to positive change. We are encouraging all employees to complete a social impact online learning course, focusing on topics including anti-racism, diversity, social justice, and inclusion. We encourage others to do the same, and explore the many resources currently available, such as these from COURSERA.

Matching employee donations to the Black Lives Matter/Black Transgender Lives Matter charitable organizations of their choosing.

All people must be treated equal in order for us to live in a sustainable world.