NextWave Plastics Consortium Wins SDG Action Award!

NextWave Plastics has been named the WINNER of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Awards (#SDGAwards) in the ‘Connect’ category for their work as a consortium committed to #turningoffthetap on plastic pollution.

As a proud NextWave Plastic Member Company, Solgaard is humbled to celebrate our SDG Awards recognition and the continued commitment and collaboration of our fellow Next Wave Plastics member companies: Bureo Inc, CPI Card Group, Dell Technologies, Herman Miller, Humanscale, HP, IKEA, Interface, and Trek Bicycle.

NextWave Plastics is an open-source initiative convened by Lonely Whale, connecting and uniting traditionally competing multinational companies to develop the first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chains.

In just two years this initiative has collectively prevented 1,300+ metric tons of plastic from entering the ocean. There are 86 million metric tons of plastic in our ocean, and each year, 8 million more flow in. Member companies have produced 23 use cases which demonstrate that it’s not only possible, but advantageous to upcycle what is now considered a waste product and that ocean-bound plastics carry a commercial value.

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