The 10 Best Travel Outfits for Long Flights

Being comfortable quickly becomes the top priority when on a flight, especially on long-haul flights. You don't want to be hot or cold or have tight waistband digging into your skin. You just want to curl up in your seat to be as relaxed as possible to get some sleep. PLUS, you want to make it through security as effortlessly as possible. Those are some high expectations, but we've pulled together some outfits that check all those boxes no matter who you are. 

man and woman sitting next to two suitcases

Here are some outfit inspirations and tips for dressing in a practical, stylish, and comfy way for those-long haul flights.

Ladies – Leggings & Tunic Top

woman in tshirt packing a suitcase

Leggings and a tunic top make a nice long-haul travel outfit. If you tend to get chilly on flights or are arriving in a colder climate, thermal or fleece-lined leggings are a great choice. And a tunic top is versatile – flannel if you need to be warmer or cotton to stay cool. Adding a layer under the tunic can add some extra warmth if desired. Pair your leggings and tunic with slip-on sneakers or ankle boots, and you're good to go. Add your Juicepack into your tote bag with snacks and a book, and you'll be set for hours!

Ladies – Loose Linen Pants & Sweater

woman in linen pants packing a suitcase

Linen pants are comfy, breathable, and effortlessly chic. Pair them with a slouchy tee and a warm sweater. Loose light layers keep you cozy while moving about the cabin or settling in for a snooze. And the sweater can be removed or added, depending on the unpredictable temperature on the flight. Add the Shoreline Watch and some loafers to complete your outfit.

Ladies – Joggers & Oversized Hoodie

Joggers and oversized hoodies are such a statement these days! While sweats can seem frumpy, more fitted joggers with a matching hoodie are stylish, cozy, and great for a long flight. Finish off your sporty look with sneakers and the Lifepack Relux. You'll be ready to hit the sights as soon as your plane lands!

Ladies – Maxi Dress

A dress might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is a practical option to add layers too. Leggings, a scarf, and a soft denim jacket transform a dress into a comfy long-haul flight outfit. Pair with sneakers or ankle boots. Plus, when you get off the plane, you can ditch the leggings and scarf in your Carry-On Closet if needed and still have a stylish outfit to leave the airport in.

Men – Joggers & Hoodie

Joggers are the elevated sibling of sweatpants and, paired with a hoodie, make for the perfect long-haul flight travel set. Comfy, trendy, and appropriate to wear out and about. A thermal shirt and thick socks give some added warmth on the flight if needed. Keep your Dopp Kit in your personal item to stay refreshed and  you're ready to fly through the night!

Men – Chinos & Zip Up Fleece

 guy in khakis packing a suitcase

This combo is a great way to look semi-professional while still relaxing on the flight, all while giving off that hedge fund manager look. Have an important meeting right after you land? Have an oxford button-up underneath your fleece, and you're good to go. Tuck your Dopp Kit into your carry-on bag to freshen up before disembarking, so you'll be ready to take on the world without skipping a beat.

Men – Jeans & Sweater

man in sweatshirt packing a suitcase

Broken-in jeans with a sweater and slip-on sneakers are an easy way to look good without compromising comfort. Add a long-sleeved shirt under the sweater and a puffer vest for extra warmth. You'll be ready to grab your luggage and see the sights right when you leave the plane with this combo.

Kids – Joggers & Sweatshirt

Joggers and a sweatshirt look just as great, if not better, on kids than on adults! Comfy, functional, and easy to add layers to. Slide-on shoes will make getting through security easier, but trade them out once settled in for some little slippers or thick socks to up the comfort level.

Kids – Dress & Leggings

A long-sleeved dress and cotton leggings create a comfy outfit that can be worn for hours and is easy to curl up and sleep in. Add thicker leggings or an undershirt for more warmth. A cute pair of slip-on boots and a jacket will finish off the look.

Kids – Pajamas

PJs are 100% acceptable for kids to wear to survive a long flight. There's nothing comfier than a favorite pair of PJs.

Written by Andrea Jerschke