The Ultimate Pandemic Travel Essential

Many of us are dreaming of a much-needed vacation, and perhaps planning our first travel excursion in today’s pandemic world. 

Whether your next trip be an impromptu road trip, camping excursion, or a stay at an Airbnb or hotel resort, wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate the hassle and stress of packing, unpacking and repacking on your trip? 

The Carry-on Closet is a sleek hardshell suitcase featuring a removable built-in shelving system that acts as compression cubes when you pack. The self-supporting shelving can be extended and hung from the suitcase handle, allowing for easily accessible, organized and hygienic storage of your belongings when traveling.

Versatile Storage And Organization

Not only does the shelving system save you time by eliminating time spent packing, unpacking and repacking during your trip – it also encourages more thoughtful, well-planned packing ahead of time, allowing you to keep your things super organized on the road. It’s worth noting this suitcase can be used with or without the shelves, and therefore accommodates all different types of trips and modes of travel. (The shelves can also be used at home as added hanging closet storage!)

Easily Cleaned And Sanitized

The genius portable closet concept also limits unnecessary exposure to infected surfaces typically encountered when unpacking/accessing our belongings in drawers and closets at hotels and rental properties. An integrated USB port allows you to keep your phone and devices charged while traveling, also eliminating the risk posed by high-touch contaminated surfaces at public charging hubs.

Safe And Convenient Travel Experience

The virtually indestructible exterior polycarbonate shell is backed by a 10-year warranty, scratch-resistant and waterproof, allowing for easy cleaning and sanitizing. Both the 20” international size and the slightly larger 22” domestic size are both accepted as carry-ons by most airlines, so you can save time and limit extended personal interactions at the airport by skipping luggage check.

Good For The Planet

Furthermore, you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. The Carry-On Closet features a sustainable interior lining made from recycled plastic bottles - and we pull five pounds of plastic waste from the ocean with every product they sell.

… it’s easy to see why Time Magazine recognized the Carry-On Closet in its renowned annual list of ‘Best Inventions.’