What’s the best day to buy airline tickets?

What’s the best day to buy airline tickets? Is there a “best day,” or is it all a myth? Well, there’s not an exact day to circle on the calendar to book all your trips for the year, but we have rounded up some info and tips that may help you to get some great deals!

The process of airlines releasing tickets


To simplify a complicated and nuanced process:

Schedules:  Airlines determine their flight schedules based on market demand, aircraft availability, and operational factors.

Pricing: Airlines set pricing based on demand, competition with other airlines, and the season.

Sales: Airlines release tickets for sale on their website, third-party sites, and travel agencies.

Marketing: Flights and destinations are promoted via social media, email campaigns, and advertisements.

Dynamic Pricing: Some airlines may use dynamic pricing algorithms to adjust real-time pricing based on demand and availability.

Selling anything is a process. Airlines work hard to balance filling every airplane seat while maximizing their revenue.

Factors that affect flight prices

Demand: The level of demand for a specific destination can impact prices. Destinations with higher demand, especially during peak travel season, cost more.

Seasons: Flight prices depend on the time of year, and summer and holidays tend to cost more than at other times due to demand.

Extra Fees: Baggage, seat selection, meals, and early check-in can significantly increase the price. Even if the base fare is reasonable, carefully check the extras before booking.

Booking Early: Booking in advance tends to be cheaper than booking closer to the flight.

Competing Airlines: Other airlines offering the same route can affect the price. Increased competition typically leads to lower prices, so seats get filled. It’s expensive to fly an empty plane!

Cost of Fuel: Fuel prices are a considerable factor in airline prices and are reflected in airplane ticket prices.

When you should book a flight


Book in advance! Booking flights as far out as possible is typically recommended for the best price. Some airlines even release flights a year in advance. Monitor costs after booking a flight to see if prices drop. Some airlines may allow customers to rebook at a lower price, offer a refund, or offer credit.

Seasons to avoid flying or booking tickets

Here are some general guidelines on seasons to avoid flying or booking tickets:

  • Peak Travel Season: Avoid traveling or booking travel during the highest travel seasons, such as major holidays, school breaks, and summer. The demand for flights is higher, so prices can be increased.
  • Weather: Be aware of weather patterns when traveling, such as ice, hurricanes, and large storms.

Facts about booking a flight at the last minute

Booking a last-minute flight tends to have higher prices. Airlines can charge a premium for last-minute bookings because customers traveling at the last minute are often willing and able to pay higher prices for convenience. However, some airlines may offer last-minute deals to fill empty seats. It’s worth checking multiple airlines when booking a last-minute flight to hopefully score a great deal.

What is the best day to buy airline tickets


The answer to this question depends on the destination, travel dates, and the airline. Generally speaking, avoid booking on weekends as the price tends to be higher due to increased demand. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often considered the best days to book tickets because they are midweek when the demand is lower, so airlines may be offering incentives to book flights during these days.

Best time of day to book tickets

Some experts suggest early morning because airlines may release new deals and lower prices first thing in the morning. Others suggest weekdays, typically Tuesdays and Wednesdays, since those days are less busy, and airlines may offer incentives to boost sales.

5 Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights

Be Flexible with Your Dates

Having some flexibility in travel dates can help find the best airline ticket prices, and looking one day earlier or later can cut the cost significantly. Consider traveling in the off-season, on a different day of the week, or an alternative flight time to save money.

Be Flexible with Your Destination

Being flexible with the destination can have many added perks! It can save money and introduce you to a location you'd never considered. By looking into alternative airports, and nearby cities, you can find great deals on flights and then get the rest of the way to the final destination via public transit or other methods while still staying within budget.

Fly Budget Carriers

Booking flights with budget airlines has the potential to save money but be aware of the hidden fees. Pack light and check the guidelines for the dimensions and weight of carry-on luggage. And bring your own snacks, drinks, and entertainment. Budget airlines do not offer complimentary drinks or have personal screens with free movies. Being prepared for a very basic airplane experience can save money.

Don’t Always Fly Direct

Traveling with connecting flights can be a way to save money. This may involve planning for a longer travel time, dealing with more airports, and considering layover times, but it can be a money-saving technique when booking airline tickets.

Mix & Match Airlines

Mixing and matching airlines can be a great way to save money on airfare. Ample research, flexible travel dates, booking each leg of the trip separately, and planning for potentially long layovers can help to find a great deal for the next trip.

Long story short…

In conclusion, there’s no crystal ball with insight into the absolute best day to book airline tickets, but when in doubt, Tuesdays and Wednesdays seem to offer the best prices!


Written by Andrea Jeschke