Why You Need to Visit Capri

Capri has always been synonymous with La Dolce Vita due to its natural beauty, sun soaked piazzetta and a cove-filled coastline that draws in the yachts of the rich and famous. Aside from the obvious glamor there is much to discover on this rocky island off the coast of Naples, from cliff top hikes to hidden sea caves and swimming spots. It's worth staying for longer than a day trip to uncover the quieter, but equally charming parts of the island.

If you’re lucky enough to have been - you’ll know that Capri is the most idyllic pocket sized Mediterranean island. From our visit last spring, the stark blue sky, bright yellow lemons, and vibrant pops of green were an inspiration for the color palette of the Capri Collection.

With our creativity further fueled by some local beverages, the names became unavoidable - we’re proud to release the newest Carry-On Closet Limited Color drop: Limoncello Yellow, Sambuca Blue, and Grappa Green. But first, find out why you need to visit Capri.

Need to know

why you need to visit capri

Capri is an island in the bay of Naples, in the southern Campania region of Italy. You can reach the island by ferry from Naples, Sorrento or (during summer) other locations on the Amalfi coast such as Amalfi and Positano. Depending on the type of boat the journey takes 45 minutes to 1 hour 20.

The island becomes very crowded in July and August when the weather is at its best. We recommend late May, early June or early September to catch it at its most enjoyable and without hordes of daytrippers.

There are two main areas on the island- Anacapri, a car-free village on top of the mountain and Capri, the lower town close to the port with the famous piazzetta and shopping streets.

capri collection limoncello yellow carry on closet

What to do  

People watch in the Piazzetta

One of the most famous people watching spots in the world, the Piazzetta in Capri is where to go to watch the world (and a few celebrities) go by. This is the heart of the island where people come to show off their best outfits and sip a morning cappuccino or a pre-dinner aperitivo in the warm Mediterranean air. In the streets leading off the square you’ll find the main shopping streets of Capri where you can either buy or just browse designer fashions depending on your budget.

Visit the Blue grotto

blue grotto in capri

As one of the main attractions on Capri, this natural sea cave gets busy but it's worth waiting in line to experience this natural phenomenon of light and water. The entrance is only 1 meter high so you must board a small wooden rowing boat guided by a local skipper. He’ll ask you to lie back on the bottom of the boat to squeeze through a dark tunnel that opens onto a magical grotto where the water glows an electric blue. If you’re lucky your captain will burst into ancient Neapolitan song that bounces off the walls and completes this otherworldly experience.

View the Faraglioni

You will first catch sight of these limestone sea pillars as you approach Capri and they can be viewed from multiple places on the island. The most scenic is at the Gardens of Augustus behind Capri town where flower-filled terraces provide a wonderful viewpoint over the Marina Piccola Bay. To get up close the Da Luigi beach club is an amazing place to spend the day. One of the most exclusive beach clubs on the island, you have to make a restaurant reservation to have access to this swimming spot but it’s worth it to feast on seafood spaghetti before cooling down in turquoise waters.

Spend the day at Marina Piccola

Many beaches on Capri are private and you have to pay for the right to enjoy the pebbly bays, but head to Marina Piccola, known for its lively and sheltered namesake beach. Views of the Faraglioni can be seen from busy restaurant terraces and a gently sloping beach with no admission fee make it popular with families.

Visit Anacapri

Most visitors only visit Capri town but there is another world a short bus or taxi ride away on the other side of the island. Anacapri is full of small streets, pretty piazzas, hidden courtyards and a relaxed atmosphere away from the crowds. Here you can take a cable car to the highest point on the island and enjoy sweeping views of the entire bay of Naples. There are small artisan shops selling leather sandals and limoncello and the restaurants in the countryside here are some of the best on the island.

Hike a coastal trail

coastal trails in capri

If you feel like stretching your legs and taking in yet more breathtaking views there are many trails for pasta and pizza-fueled hikes. The Pizzolungo path is probably the most spectacular, hugging the southern coast and providing amazing views and a welcome break from busy Capri town. Don’t miss the natural arch rock formation that provides a perfect frame for photos. If you really want to test your fitness try the Phoenicians steps - 921 stone steps connecting Capri with Anacapri.

What to eat


Torta caprese a delicious almond flour and chocolate local cake

Ravioli caprese pasta filled with cheese and marjoram and tossed with fresh tomato and basil

Limoncello (obviously)

Wood-fired pizza Neapolitan style

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