The Story Behind Solgaard

The Solgaard Manifesto

We see problems and we invent exceptional solutions.
Everything we make must be beautiful and better.
We help you save time, so you can focus on what really matters.

The Team

Adrian, New York 
Aaron, Seattle 
Anders, Aarhus 
Chris, Eastborne UK 
Kaveh, Palma de Mallorca 
Stef, Miami 
Tim, Manchester 
Jenina, Cebu City, Phillippines 
Will, Vancouver 

Solgaard is a list-team of people spread out around the world all chasing our passions. My dream for the company is that everyone in the company is working on their dream job. The combination of passion and hard work is why we’re able to move so fast.

Our Collection

Sparked when his date had her backpack stolen in 2015, Adrian set out to make a bag that solved a multitude of issues. Constantly travelling with a low phone battery, and once a sock fell out of his bag onto the boardroom table when presenting to a client – Adrian had enough. The Lifepack original backpack was launched on Kickstarter Feb. 29th 2015 and is the product that gave us our head start. Lifepack is the name under which we sell backpacks, shoulder bags, and suitcases. Lifepack: designed to simplify your life.

Portable renewable energy, wherever you go. Solarbank is a collection of solar powered products that allows you to help make a positive impact on energy production and consumption.

These beautifully crafted watches allow you to tell the time faster. Our patented shape has 6 corners and 6 flat sides – shaving off about ½ a second each time you look down at your wrist. The watch is lightweight and our precision engineered shape means that the watch sits comfortably on your wrist.

Products for Every Occasion

Solgaard products are created to fit in for every occasion. Whether you are heading into the office or out for a date, on your first trip to Paris or a trip upstate to meet the in laws – we will equip you to be ready for anything.