About Us

Solgaard Design was born out of a talented team frustrated with current products on the market.

We strive to create things which meet the needs of many by doing things which most companies won’t. We pour our hearts and souls into the products you hold in your hands today.

We venture to make the world an easier place to live and succeed.

Interlock Logo

Starting with Interlock – the goal to make a more convenient bike lock that you would never forget was realized. The original product received the 2 most prestigious awards in the cycling industry, distribution in 28 countries. In the USA it’s sold on Schwinn bikes in Walmart and also at REI. In the UK it’s available at Halfords, in Canada at MEC – and many other similar stores in other countries. Interlock also won an award for the integration of a lock into a scooter that we did with Micro Scooters.

Interlock Featured Image
Interlock awards graphic Interlock has won 4 International awards.


Now the focus is on Lifepack – the re invention of the mobile office. The world’s most convenient backpack with all the features you need when you’re on the go. Whether you travel for business, you’re a busy student, a freelancer or a free spirit – Lifepack offers you the functions that you need.

Lifepack featured image
 kickstarter + indegogo logo Lifepack has presold $1,082,395+ via crowdfunding in 2016

Picture of Adrian Solgaard

Family house graphic

Solgaard is my family name from my Mother’s side. It means “Sun farm” it’s actually the name of the family home where my mother grew up in Southern Norway. I spent many of my summers there. The house is still in the family as it has been for 5 generations.

Solar power is what powers all of this amazing planet we call home. Why not find ways to harness that energy and use it to power our other daily activities?

In Scandinavia sunlight is scarce – but amazingly appreciated when you get it. Norway has a culture of working hard all year long- then when the sun is shining in the summertime it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


  • Adrian Solgaard, Founder
  • Chris Cavill, Creative Lead
  • Ashley Burnstad, Logic Lead
  • Mark Hetterich, Product Designer
  • Danielle Andrews, Marketing
  • Kaveh Kiani, Sales