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Lifepack, the Solar Powered & Anti-theft backpack includes Solarbank, a 3-in-1 Solar Powerbank + Bluetooth Speaker, an integrated lock, and 10 other incredible features.

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  • 12 month warranty

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Lifepack makes it easy to live your on-the-go lifestyle.

Including the world's most unique features a bag has ever offered. Integrated retractable lock, built in rain cover, and of course, Lifepack includes Solarbank.

Product Labels

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3 In 1
  • Powerbank
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Solar Power System

Solarbank’s Performance

Solarbank charging graphic box

Charge 2 devices at one time,

while still blasting your tunes.

Solarbank charging 2 phones

Solar Power

Never worry about your phone dying. The Solarbank will keep your phone charged while on the go.

Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy your favourite music from Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud or any other app on your phone while in your room, out with friends or soaking up some sun at the beach. Goodbye tinny tunes.

Retractable Lock

Protect your belongings while on the go with the easily accessible integrated lock. This means you can lock your zippers shut while the bag is on your back or lock the bag to a chair while you are at a cafe.

Lifezone Workzone

The Lifezone and workzone ensure you keep your work and personal life separate - Adrian's undies fell out on the board room table once and we want to stop that from happening to you!

Integrated USB Charger

Easily charge on the go with easy access to the power pocket on your right hand side. Space to store an extra phone cable so you can charge your phone while it's in the power pocket or your jeans pocket. This USB port has an extension cable which runs through the inside lining of the bag up to the Solarbank.

Rain Cover

Keep your belongings safe and dry when the skies open up! The rain cover features a reflective logo to keep you safer when out at night.

Drop Proof Laptop Storage

A high density padded foam layer keeps your laptop safe from knocks and bumps. The base of Lifepack has an added layer of waterproof material in case you put your bag in a puddle or on a spilled coffee.

4 Hidden Pockets

Back Pockets: Access your passport or wallet when travelling so nobody has access except you. You can also fit a large smartphone. Straps Pockets: Space for headphones, travel card, or credit cards.

Water Bottle Storage

The bottleneck lassoo fits around the neck of the bottle keeping it secure. Fits up to a 1 Litre bottle. Even a wine bottle can fit ;)

Loose Paper Storage

No more wrinkled papers and lost business cards. Workzone, designed to keep your mobile office organized.

Bottle Opener

When you’re listening to great tunes with your friends on the beach or in the park, this will come in very handy.

Your belongings will be safe, dry and protected
thanks to our multi-layered materials.