Smartphones: The Advantages of Having Everything at Our Fingertips

Imagine this...

You are traveling to a foreign country with your best friend. You both step foot off the plane and are completely unaware of your surroundings. You’ve never been here before, you don’t know the land. You drag your Solgaard Carry-on Closet as it wheels behind you when your friend stops walking. He looks around curiously and finally comes to say, “Do you have any idea where we are?” This spontaneous, last minute trip left you no time to research or learn the specifics of the area. You look back at him confidently and, from your Solgaard Lifepack, pull out a fully charged device that can tell the two of you exactly where you are, exactly where to go and exactly what you need to know to get around during your travels.

What could possibly be such a device? Unless you live under a rock, you already know that this is a Smartphone. And trust us, it’s called “smart” for a reason.

As you could tell from this hypothetical (but totally realistic) story, Smartphones serve a huge purpose in today’s world. In the past, cellular phones served one main purpose: to make phone calls. Then advanced technology brought about texting. Before you knew it, phones became smarter and smarter, leading us to use them for more important reasons. Now, incredible mobile applications (offered on Smartphones) help us go about our everyday life.

Having everything at our fingertips is convenient, useful and beneficial. Let’s talk about the impressive advantages of Smartphones.


One device plays MANY roles

As said, a Smartphone is not used solely for calling and texting your friends anymore. Your cellular device is now an alarm clock, a calculator, a music player (we use that feature so often that we forget we even had a music player that was NOT a phone…remember iPods and the Walkman? Yeah, we didn’t think so!), a CAMERA, an agenda planner, a video chat center, a maps and navigation center, etc. etc. etc.! You have everything at your fingertips by holding ONE device. Less to carry, less to charge for battery power, less to keep track of and less to spend money on. If you have a Smartphone, you have pretty much all that every other device offers.


Insane Applications that are available

The amount of mobile applications available on Smartphones continue to grow constantly. You name it, there’s an app for it. You can use health apps to keep track of your diet and exercise, weather apps to predict your plans and decide what clothing to wear, transit apps to buy transportation tickets and find scheduling, etc. etc. Social media apps (and we’re not just talking about only Facebook- now there’s Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) are a given, so you’ll always stay connected to people and what’s going on in the world. Speaking of what’s going in in the world, you’ll always be updated with news applications that notify you when major events occur. Banking apps that allow you to keep track of your accounts are available, and let’s not forget about the apps that let you go from one place to the next – Uber, Lyft, so on and so on. Whatever you want to know or need assistance in, there is a mobile application for it.


Knowledge is obtained easily

If you have a Smartphone, you know that surfing the web has never been simpler. Smartphones have Internet browsers that make finding information, instructions and facts quick and easy. Not sure of the answer to a question? Learn it by using the Internet on your Smartphone. With knowledge by the touch of a screen, you never have to wonder something if you’re holding a Smartphone. You can read content from a website or watch tutorial videos. In addition to Internet browsing, knowledge is available via Smartphones through applications (which were already mentioned). With a Smartphone, YOU’LL become smarter, too.


Constant Communication (obviously)

The whole purpose of a phone is to communicate with people, and this goes the same for a Smartphone (obviously). However, Smartphones make communicating with others even easier than any regular phone. It’s no longer about a phone call. A Smartphone allows you to call, text message, video chat and even message people from across the world in different languages with the appropriate application (for example, WhatsApp). Smartphones are faster and let your message to others get across in various ways. So, although your Smartphone can do several neat tricks, remember to utilize it for its main purpose – communication!


Convinced that Smartphones are the best form of technology because of their awesome advantages? Make sure to keep your Smartphone charged at all times to get the most from it. Solgaard kept this in mind when creating Lifepack and The Hustle Shoulder Bag. Your Smartphone will never die when you need it when you’re carrying either of these solar powered products!