What to Consider When Planning a Party and the Products That Can Help

Planning a party soon but have no idea where to start? Have no fear! Although party planning can be stressful and a hassle at times, there are ways to assure that your gathering will be a success.

Decide on a guest list and be smart.

What’s the theme of your party? Will it be loud with dancing involved? Is it going to be an intimate get-together that’s quieter with lots of conversation? You’re going to want to invite all your friends, of course, but consider the atmosphere that you’re intending. Different types of people have fun in different manners, so even if you do plan to invite a lot of people with diverse personalities, it’ll be smart to make it known what type of party you’re hosting. You can do so by indicating this on the invitation. Also decide if you’re allowing the guests to bring friends, as this can impact the amount of food and beverages you’ll be providing. This will also matter due to how much space is available.

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Do the planning that’s required, then prepare and budget.

Obviously, it’s necessary to plan for a party if you want everything to fall into place. Although you will not be able to plan EVERY detail, create goals and think hard about all the factors that should go into your event. What kind of food will be served? Will you be cooking or catering? What about beverages? Do you plan on supplying all the alcohol (if it’s not a dry party) or should you let your guests know that it’s going to be BYOB? If it’s going to be an outdoors party, research the weather forecast. If you have guests attending who have food allergies (or pet allergies, if the party is being held at your home), how are you going to go about that? There is more to party planning than just sending out invitations (speaking of invitations, are you sending them via mail, email, Facebook message/event invite, group text message, etc. etc. etc.?). Ask yourself all these questions to be prepared for the possible scenarios. And don’t forget to set a budget! Figure out how much you can and will spend on this get-together.

Planning and preparing for a party requires some errand-running, shopping and more on-the-go activities. Solgaard’s Hustle Shoulder Bag is the perfect product to carry as you’re running your errands and crossing items off your list. Go to the store, purchase what’s needed for the party and complete the rest of your activities while The Hustle Shoulder Bag keeps your gear charged. You’ll be fashionable and ready to take on any challenge that this party planning may bring about.


Last, and most importantly, have a BLAST!

Having fun may not seem like something that you’ll need to consider when planning a party, but it absolutely is! It’s easy to get caught up in the specifics when planning a get-together, but above all, plan for FUN. What can you do to provide the best experience for both you and your guests? You can have some games ready, prepare a killer playlist, supply party accessories/decorations and much more! And while the party is happening, let loose for everything to fall into place. Be a social butterfly, don’t act stressed and make sure to talk to everyone. Wear an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself, because when you’re dressed to impress, you’ll have more confidence and rock any scene. So, plan your party wisely, but just know that the result should be that everyone (including you) has FUN!

All in all, look forward to your party and stray away from stress by following these words of advice. You’re going to have an amazing time, as are your guests, so enjoy!