Why Messenger Bags Are Failing Commuters

Even though it’s necessary, lugging a messenger bag back and forth to work each day can be a daunting task. But what alternative do you have? You have to be able to carry the things that you need throughout the day, and there are a lot of cute messenger bags on the market, right? Before you purchase your next bag, learn how messenger bags are failing commuters, and what type of bag you should be using instead.

They Only Have One Strap

Messenger bags typically have one long strap that can be adjusted for comfort. However, bags that have only one strap put all of the weight of the bag on one shoulder. Sure, you can adjust the strap to wear the bag across your body, but that still doesn’t evenly distribute the weight that you’re carrying. When you’re carrying a bag daily, you need a bag that disputes weight evenly across your body — such as a backpack. This way, you don’t end up with an aching back and bad posture.

They Lack Important Security Features

If you’re like most commuters, your messenger bag holds a laptop and other expensive electronics. You need to make sure they are secure at all times. Most messenger bags have a flap that folds over the bag and secures at the bottom, and some even have a zipper for added security. However, for an experienced thief the bottom snaps and a zipper pose no threat.

Instead of a messenger bag, opt for a backpack that’s made of durable material with built-in locks. Ideally, the locks on your backpack should secure your backpack to a stationary object or a chair that you’re using, as well as lock the zippers together so thieves can’t open the backpack when you aren’t paying attention.

They Aren’t Weather Resistant

Most messenger bags aren’t weather resistant. If it’s rainy while you’re on your way to work, the bag, and everything in it, is likely to get soaked. Backpacks are typically made using stronger material, so even if you don’t purchase one that is weather resistant — and you should — your belongings are more protected from the weather than they are in a messenger bag. Some backpacks, such as the LifePack by Solgaard Designs, even include a built-in rain cover for added protection in stormy weather.

They Don’t Keep You Connected

Are you tired of your phone dying during your commute or your laptop not having enough juice for you to work on the train? If so, you should be carrying a smart backpack instead of a messenger bag. Smart backpacks, such as the LifePack, come with built-in USB connections and a powerbank to keep you charged and connected while you’re on the go.

Ultimately, the bag that you carry to and from work is completely up to you. But if you’re looking for a bag that’s secure, weather resistant, and keeps your devices charged, it’s time to ditch the messenger bag for a smart backpack like the LifePack.