10 Promises You Should Pursue Before You Turn 40

Learn at least a little bit of a new language. 

Trying to grasp the words of another country’s people will keep your mind working, therefore absorbing more throughout your everyday life.


Get rid of your list of expectations. 

Not exactly where you thought you’d be by 40? Guess what, almost nobody is. Having (usually unrealistic) expectations will only set yourself up for disappointment. Instead, make short term (more realistic) goals to celebrate once achieved.


Travel to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.

That country that’s been on your bucket list for years? Go to it. You’ll feel excited to cross an item off your bucket list and will thank yourself for the experience of a lifetime.

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Travel to somewhere you’ve never thought of visiting.

Go to a country that’s NOT on your bucket list. Somewhere that you would never think of traveling to. You’ll learn about a completely different culture that you may end up interested in. From that, you’ll learn about yourself, too.


Celebrate a holiday in a foreign city.

You’ll learn about another civilization’s traditions and appreciate the world for what it is – a connected creation where all humans honor different festivities in unique manners.

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Volunteer in some sort of action.

Feed the homeless at a soup kitchen. Tutor students in need of education. Read to those who have lost their vision. Send cards to soldiers who need encouragement. Any volunteering action will not only help others, but also make you feel good about yourself. It’s not selfish, though. And make sure that it’s an action to fully take advantage of the opportunity. Simply giving money to an organization or providing canned goods to a food drive are not real, fulfilling actions and do not involve human interaction.

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Finally accept your appearance if you haven’t yet.

You can always alter the way that you look, but to be genuinely happy with your exterior by this age is a sincere feat. All your life, you’ve been doubting something regarding your appearance. This is the best time to finally be pleased with what you’ve been given, because you’ve been given quite a lot! Thank your legs daily for letting you walk, your hands for allowing you to write, your mouth for declaring important words, etc.


Do something that scares you.

Always wanted to go skinny-dipping but have never mustered up the confidence? Want to quit your job and pursue another field but fear failure? Have an urge to travel alone but the thought of getting lost terrifies you? Do these things. At least one. You’ll feel alive afterwards, and who knows, you may be stimulated to feel another rush, resulting in more actions that originally had you feeling timid.


Invest in something of quality that you normally wouldn’t due to practicality or price.

Whether it be real estate or a type of technology that you have always wondered about but immediately neglected to go forward with, try it out. Of course, items will not lead to happiness, but earning something that’s made you curious could cause positive occurrences in your life. It’s more about the learning experience than the money spent, or material gained.


Overall, collect experiences instead of materialistic items.

Having all the money and objects in the world will never completely satisfy you if you have not felt happiness from the moments that have made you love being alive.