Gifts for Millennials That Put the "Ah" in Amazing

The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Millennials

Finding gifts for Millennials that really “wows” them isn’t easy.

The rise of technology shaped their lives, creating a generation of people who are always on-the-go and connected. They get inundated with new gadgets, sales, and promotions on a regular basis — so much so that it takes something really special to hold their attention. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the newest attention-grabbing gadgets make the best gifts for Millennials.

Nope. Sorry. Finding swoon-worthy gifts for the Millennial in your life isn’t that simple.

Most of them don’t lead lives cluttered with unnecessary junk. They enjoy their minimalist lifestyles, which means the present you purchase also needs to have a purpose.

Modern, intriguing, and useful — the best gifts for Millennials have all of these qualities.

The good news is when you know what type of products to look for, it’s easy to gather gift ideas. Millennials often have a wide range of interests. From affordable luxury watches to a solar-powered backpack, The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Millennials includes products for a variety of people with various budgets.

HEX Watches

gifts for millennials, hex watches, hexagon watch, affordable luxury watches

It’s a common misconception that you don’t need to wear a watch because you’re cell phone displays the date and time — and modern Millennials know it.

When you’re in a meeting, dining with clients, or attending a class or lecture, checking your phone isn’t appropriate. Wearing a watch lets you quickly glance at the time whenever you want.

Affordable luxury watches make a statement, and the HEX watch makes a bolder statement than any other.

The sleek, modern design stands out just enough to add that extra bit of class and the hexagon watch shape draws your eye directly to the points, making it easy to see the exact time with a quick glance.

Choose The Modernist for a Millennial that prefers a classic look or The Minimalist for the Millennial who prefers something more on trend. The Aria Series One Rose watch lets women add a slight pop of color to their outfit, and the Aria Series One Mesh watch is ideal for dressing up casual attire.

The Balance Disc

black balance disc and pump, gifts for millennials

If you’re looking for a present for a fitness-loving Millennial who spends most of his or her day chained to a desk, The Balance Disc is a good choice. The inflatable disc sits on top of the desk chair, turning it into a makeshift balance ball, which helps shape and tone the lower body and improve balance and flexibility. The cushion boasts a textured surface to prevent slipping, comes with a small pump, and includes access to several downloadable exercise routines.

Carry-On Closet

gifts for millennials, carry-on closet, lightweight carry-on luggage, closet suitcase

There’s no shortage of travel-related gift ideas. Millennials love going places, and the Carry-On Closet — a piece of lightweight carry-on luggage — makes traveling less time-consuming and cumbersome by streamlining the packing/unpacking process.

The standard-size carry-on suitcase features a patented shelving system that’s retractable and integrated. When open, the shelving system slides up, making it easy to transfer clothing and necessities from drawers and closets to the suitcase. It slides down into the closet suitcase for travel and is sturdy enough to stand open in the hotel room, eliminating the need to unpack completely. The shelving system keeps clothing folded nicely so they stay wrinkle-free and meeting-ready.

Also, the closet suitcase boasts a gunmetal-gray aluminum frame against a jet-black polycarbonate shell, creating a contemporary style that’s aesthetically pleasing. This lightweight carry-on luggage has a rigid shape that's built to withstand the rough handling often endured at the airport. In fact, the Carry-On Closet is built specifically so that an adult could stand or sit on it from any side without causing damage to the case or its contents.

If you want to buy carry-on luggage for your travel-loving Millennial, the Carry-On Closet is the best option.

Clug Bike Rack

Clug bike racks, gifts for millennials

Whether the Millennial in your life commutes to and from work by bike or uses a bike to explore the great outdoors, Clug bike rack makes a great gift. The small, unobtrusive bike rack lets riders store their bikes inside their home or garage in a neat, orderly fashion, without taking up a lot of space.

Installing the bike rack on the wall only takes a few minutes, and once it's complete, you simply pull the bike onto the bike tire and pop the front tire into the Clug to secure it.

When ordering a Clug bike rack, you need to compare the bike’s tire size to Clug’s sizing chart.

  • Roadie holds bikes with small, lean road bike tires measuring between one and 1.25 inches (23mm-32mm) wide.
  • MTB fits thicker mountain bike tires between 1.8 and 2.5 inches (43mm-62mm) wide.
  • Hybrid works with bikes that have tires measuring between 1.3 and 1.75 inches (33mm-42mm) wide.

To determine the tire width, look on the side of the tire for the brand name followed by a number pairing that looks something like: 700x25 or 26x1.8. The second number in the pairing tells you the width of the tire in either inches or millimeters.

Lifepack Backpack

solar-powered backpack, lifepack backpack, gifts for millennials

If the Millennial in your life commutes, goes from work straight to the gym, enjoys day hiking, or loves to travel a Lifepack backpack is a must-have.

This solar-powered backpack comes in stealth black or titanium gray. The roomy interior puts other large backpacks to shame — and it does it without adding a lot of unnecessary bulk!

It has separate Lifezone and Workzone sections for easy access to items needed at any given moment. The Workzone section sits against the wearer’s back for added protection and holds up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

Some of Lifepack backpack’s other features include:

  • Solarbank designed to charge two devices at the same time — and it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker
  • Retractable, integrated lock with a 14-inch cable — lock the zippers together when on-the-go or lock the entire backpack to the chair while working at a local cafe
  • Integrated USB charger with an extension cable that runs up through the backpack to the Solarbank, making phone charging at any time simple
  • Hidden rain cover to protect the bag and its content during rainy-day commutes.
  • Drop-proof laptop storage with an added layer of waterproof material to keep your electronics safe if the backpack happens to get wet
  • Four hidden pockets — accessible only by the wearer — to hold credit cards, passport, and other important documents items
  • Water bottle storage pocket that fits up to a one-liter water bottle
  • Loose paper storage to keep important paperwork and business cards wrinkle-free

The best part is: when your favorite Millennial uses this backpack, he or she doesn’t need to worry about its contents. Thanks to Lifepack's multiple layers of material the bag’s contents stay safe, dry, and protected. Lifepack backpacks have four layers of material including:

  • Water-resistant layer
  • Layer of four-millimeter anti-shock foam
  • Anti-cut plastic protection layer
  • Inner fabric layer

Basically, Lifepack Backpack is THE best backpack on the market. Every Millennial needs one.

Sofa Sack

Sofa Sack, gifts for millennials

Millennials tend to go, go, go all day, every day, so when they come home it’s all about comfort. The Sofa Sack takes comfort to a whole new level. The six-foot bean bag lounger comes in a plethora of different colors, making it easy to coordinate with your Millennial’s existing furniture and decor. With soft, comfortable foam and ultra-durable fabric, the Sofa Sack is built to last — and it’s ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, basements, and home theaters.

For a fun twist, include a copy of the New York Times bestseller, Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps. It’s a great guide for young Millennials, as well as 30-something Millennials who haven’t really gotten around to adulting, yet.


Solarbank, solar bluetooth speaker, gifts for millennials

The Solarbank does double duty as a powerbank and a solar Bluetooth speaker. It's solar-powered, so as long as it’s in the sun, it’ll harvest energy.

  • On a full charge, the Solarbank has enough power to stream music for 96 straight hours or bring a phone to full charge six times.
  • Its 4G solar technology works across the light spectrum, allowing the Solarbank to generate power on cloudy days.
  • It’s powerful enough to charge two devices at once while streaming music.
  • The LED indicator lights on the front display the power level.

Keep in mind, the Solarpack was designed to work with the Lifepack backpack, and it’s already included in the backpack’s price. So while this solar Bluetooh speaker is available to purchase separately, you get a better deal when you purchase the solar-powered backpack.

Ultimately, gifts for Millennials aren’t hard to find. You just need to know what type of lifestyle he or she has built and find useful products to enhance that quality of life.