High School Graduation Gifts for Tech-Savvy Teens

Graduating high school is a major life milestone, and another major milestone comes just a few months later — the first day of college. It takes time to prepare for big transitions such as going from high school to college. It’s only natural you want to do your part to help make the transition a smooth one. These graduation gifts are sure to make life easier for your tech-savvy teen.


Developed by Shortcut Labs, FLIC is a clever little device that has several different uses — it’s like an “Easy” button for your teen’s dorm. You can set it up to complete over 50 different functions from turning off the lights and finding your cellphone to controlling the music while you drive so you aren’t distracted. The best part is, FLIC can also be clipped to your teen’s backpack strap, and used as a security alarm in dangerous situations.


Most college students have strict budgets, and ROKU makes it easy to eliminate the cable bill. By hooking a ROKU up to the TV, your grad can stream millions of movies and TV shows. ROKU also offers apps, such as YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify so your teen can stream music while studying.

LifePack Backpack

Lugging around schoolbooks is part of the college life. A backpack is a necessity, but the LifePack takes the traditional backpack to a whole new level. It features an integrated lock that not only keeps the backpack secure while your teen is socializing, but locks the ends of the zippers together to prevent access to inside the backpack. LifePack comes with a solar-powered battery pack to up to two charge devices on the go and doubles as a bluetooth speaker. Your grad won’t need to worry about his or her laptop battery dying between classes or carrying around a dead cell phone all day. Additionally, the LifePack backpack is made using weather resistant materials and comes with a built-in rain cover to ensure your teen’s belongings stay dry when it’s wet outside. If that’s not enough, the LifePack boasts four hidden compartments, ideal for storing money, wallets, passports, and cell phones.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire has several different uses. You stream movies, TV shows, and music, read books, and play games. However, for college kids, it has a more important feature. They can read their textbooks on their Kindle. Amazon has a variety of college textbooks available for Kindle, but your teen can also download apps, such as Chegg and CourseSmart, to get access to the e-version of their coursebooks. While this may not save your teen from lugging around heavy books on a daily basis, it does make it easier for him or her to study while on the go or even while laying in bed at night.

College is a lot different than high school, and it’s important to set your teen up for success. So instead of giving your teen cash for graduation, choose a gift that your tech-savvy teen will find useful during his or her college years.