Top Instagrammable Photo Editing Tips

A photo says more than a thousand words!

Especially on instagram, social media  no matter if you’re just sharing bits & pieces of your life or use this platform as your marketing channel. The photos should be of high quality and catch attention, which is the reason I put together my top 5 tips for you guys, showing how I edit my photos for Instagram:

Increase the exposure.

Bring it up a couple notches. Restaurants and cafes usually have really inconsistent lighting, and brightening up your photo will help.

Slightly increase the contrast.

Be careful. A little bit of contrast can flatter a photo, but a lot of it can butcher it completely.

Sharpen your photo.

This is crucial. You want your followers to see all the pulp in your grapefruit and all the char on your potatoes.

Add some more saturation

This is to give it some brighter colours, depending on the look you are going for but often the standard camera doesn’t bring out the colours enough.

Add some warmth

Adding a bit of warmth to your photo makes it

Increase its Highlights

This not only increases the brightness in the photo but takes away the shadowed darker areas.

Our favourite editing apps: 

VSCO Cam gives you great filters and more flexibility. 

Overgram lets you add beautiful text to your photos.

Pic Stitch lets you quickly combine multiple photos onto one beautifully framed image.