Top Men's Watches Under $400

Top Men's Watches Under $400

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on an amazing watch. In fact, many of the top men’s watches available won’t break the bank.

That’s right.

It’s possible to find watches with real leather straps and sleek designs for less than your monthly car payment. In fact, it’s not even difficult.

Whether you want a timepiece that makes a bold statement or a classic watch that lets you casually glimpse the time during long meetings, check out these top men’s watches.

HEX watch

HEX Watches — Solgaard Co.

HEX watches provide a timeless look that transitions seamlessly from the boardroom to a romantic dinner date — and snagging one costs less than $200.

These hexagonal watches feature luxurious leather straps and modern watch faces, creating a truly unique design that makes a bold statement without being overly flashy.

The best part is, the hexagon shape isn’t just stylish. When wearing a HEX watch, your eyes are drawn to the points of the hexagon, which makes it easy to get a glimpse of the time without other meeting attendees noticing.

For a classic look, choose The Modernist. Its silver bezel contrasts nicely with the black leather band, creating a look that never goes out of style.

If you prefer a more modern style, The Minimalist is an excellent choice thanks to its on-trend black-on-black design and gunmetal gray hour markers.

For a more casual style, choose The Conductor. Inspired by the rail clocks throughout Europe, this hexagon watch boasts a neutral, tan leather band, white watch face, and a red second hand that symbolizes constant movement.

Hamilton Officer Mechanical Watch

Officer Mechanical Khaki Field Watch — Hamilton

Inspired by military watches produced in the 1940s, Hamilton’s Khaki Field watches boast rugged construction and elegant designs.

While most watches in the collection cost more than $400, the Officer Mechanical watch comes in at $395, but what makes it one of the top men’s watches isn’t the price. The vintage design really stands out, making it ideal for men looking for a rugged, casual watch.

The Officer Mechanical watch boasts a green canvas strap and a khaki-green watch face. Its stainless steel casing, numbers, and hands stand out against the subtle green color so it’s easy for you to see the time and date.

Tissot Everytime Large Watch

Everytime Large Watch — Tissot

The Everytime Large watch from Tissot has a timeless appeal. While it boasts the same silver bezel and black leather strap design as The Modernist HEX watch, it features a simpler round watch face instead.

The watch, which is priced at $230, is available in several different variations: one with a brown leather strap and one with a navy fabric strap. For $275, you can get the Everytime Large watch with a brown leather strap and a rose-gold-plated bezel or with a stainless steel strap and bezel and a black watch face.

Movado Bold Watch

Movado BOLD - Movado

If you want to make a big impression, purchase the Movado BOLD watch for $395. Made from a combination of composite materials and stainless steel, the watch boasts a cognac leather strap, a black face, and gold-toned hands.

The watch’s overall style stands out, thanks to the contrast between the gold-tone hands and black face, but one small detail keeps the watch from being a bit over-the-top. The black tack-stitch detail at the top of the band creates a subtle hint at a more casual style, making this watch ideal for dressing up more casual outfits.

SVT-SL37 Watch


The SVT-SL37 watch from TSOVET screams minimalist.

Its white face, black hour markers and hands, a black leather band, and a yellow gold bezel create a simple design that blends well with pretty much any outfit.

Priced at $175, this watch has a classic look that many modern men appreciate, but it’s lacking that extra bit of class that The Modernist Hex watch has. However, that certainly doesn't make it a bad choice.

It’s one of the top men’s watches because of its simple style. It’s a great option for men who don’t like to put a lot of thought into their wardrobe because the style works with both casual and business attire.

Ultimately, the watch you choose depends on your personal style and preferences. If you want to buy one of the top men’s watches for every day wear, choose a timeless, classy piece, such as The Modernist HEX Watch. If you want to add an on-trend piece to your current watch collection, The Minimalist HEX watch is a great option.