Trouble Concentrating? Hacks for Focus: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder


Trying to study for an exam or simply learn a new lesson, but having a difficult time concentrating? It’s extremely easy to lose focus when attempting to absorb fresh information. If you don’t stay on track, you could fall behind and suffer in the long run. And nobody wants that! Learning should be beneficial, not a hassle. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to maintain concentration, not only when studying or learning, but also when completing everyday tasks? Getting errands done, crossing items off your to-do list and overall having a successful day all require focus. Luckily, there are some straightforward pointers that can help you keep your eye on the prize. Follow these hacks in order to work smarter, rather than harder.

Gather all your materials before you begin your task.

Reviewing for an exam? Get together all of your books, printouts, pens, pencils, highlighters (you get the point) before actually sitting down to study. Spread out all of your materials in front of you or in a fashion that makes sense to you and will work best for your methods. Doing this will help avoid constant interruptions of getting up to collect what you need to fulfill your task. Gather everything that you need in one spot, so you are completely prepared and do not need to worry about missing an item or having to move around during your concentration time. You’ll focus more easily when you feel assured that you will not have to discontinue your work time at any point.

Choose an environment that refreshes your mind.

Everyone is different when it comes to the environment in which he or she is most comfortable. When it comes to keeping focus, people have various ideas in regards to what works best for them. Maybe you’re a person who thinks best outdoors with a cool breeze, or maybe you’re a person who comprehends best indoors at a table. There is no right atmosphere, just figure out which one aids in your concentration most. Our #1 tip though? Try a few settings! There’s no way to know which is best for you if you don’t try out contrasting ones. You may even find that more than one works for you, and then you can rotate your environments accordingly to mix things up.

Stay strong to NOT become distracted.

When trying to concentrate and stay focused, there are always going to be A MILLION things around you that can potentially become distracting. It’s so easy to become distracted or swayed away from your goals, especially if you are in the wrong environment. If you’re indoors, try not to have the television or music on in the background (unless you’re a person who works best with some noise). If you feel that you’ll get hungry during the time that you need to concentrate, have snacks (healthy snacks that will enhance brain power!) prepared, so you are not getting up (and becoming distracted) to prepare food. If you’re using your computer or any other smart device, make sure not to become distracted by surfing the Internet or applications. There will be a lot of blockades trying to keep you from attaining your ultimate goal, but it’s essential to stay strong to NOT become distracted.

Be calm and carry on!

Yeah, we all know that phrase a little too well. But it’s true when it comes to staying concentrated! If you’re attempting to finish a bunch of activities or assignments throughout the day, it’s crucial to be calm. Having a long list of things to do can be overwhelming, but the most important mindset to have is that everything will get done…even if it doesn’t! Sometimes we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Our lists are too long, we take a stab at too many responsibilities, etc. But in order to accomplish anything, you need to remain positive and at least try to cross items off your list. If you don’t finish everything, accept that you did your best, and know that A LOT more got done than if you weren’t actually TRYING to demolish that list.

The bottom line is that although it can be difficult to concentrate at times, it’s necessary in order to learn or simply carry out tasks. Follow the above pieces of advice to work smarter, rather than harder. Time is of the essence when keeping focus is a priority, so keep in mind what we listed and you’ll be good to go! But guess what…Solgaard can assist you. The Hustle Backpack is perfect for when you are trying to study, learn a new lesson, or when you are on the go running errands. Not only is it stylish, but it also perfectly holds your laptop and keeps your items secure. Use The Hustle Backpack to work smarter, not harder, and cross off everything on your to-do list.