Giving Tuesday and Beyond

TLDR: Parents/Teachers/Students - youth can help clean up the ocean by making art! Learn more and get involved at

Here at Solgaard, we believe that every day should be earth day + Giving Tuesday combined - which is why we fund the cleanup of 6lbs of plastic from coastal communities for each order all year round. But we also love to go above and beyond - so here’s our plan for Giving Tuesday 2023:
Proceeds from giving Tuesday at Solgaard are funding a collaborative art project to raise awareness of ocean health in partnership with world-renowned artist and activist Ben Von Wong and Students Rebuild.

Here’s a Q+A with a feel-good surprise:
Q: What can a suitcase company and kids art have in common?
A: They can help clean up our planet from plastic pollution!

But how?
1) Every order at Solgaard funds the removal of 6lbs of plastic.
2) Students Rebuild empowers youth to create global change through art - each piece of art submitted funds the cleanup of plastic from coastlines in Indonesia.

Ok, and how are they connected?
We have become so obsessed with our cleanup mission, that we started a foundation to take our efforts to the next level. When sharing our passion for the work we’re doing at TED2023, the Bezos Family Foundation team said they wanted to help fund our work!

The Bezos Family Foundation has a focus on the education of youth, and their project “Students Rebuild” empowers students K-12 to support global causes through artwork.

Ben Von Wong’s artwork has garnered the attention of millions of people - a rare combination of art+activism, he makes environmental issues irresistible through art. We’ll release more information about the collaborative art project in the new year! Huge thanks to Students rebuild for their support, through this incredible partnership, we’re able to go farther, together. Through this partnership we’re establishing a second cleanup facility with @sungaiwatch to clean up the mangroves and coastlines of eastern java - with a goal of preventing a million pounds of plastic from the ocean in 2024.

See how a kid in your life can help cleanup the planet at 

Happy Holidays,
Adrian Solgaard, Founder + CEO @ Solgaard

We haven’t shared much about this yet, but will soon. The Solgaard-Nyx foundation was created to go beyond cleaning up plastic, and also measure the science of the benefits that come from the cleanup, to help make it easier for others to fund cleaning up our beautiful planet. The Foundation was co-founded by Adrian Solgaard and his fiancée Lindsey Nyx Walker, New York Times Best Seller and Sr. Producer at StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Learn more at: