5 Essentials Every Woman Needs When Traveling


Women tend to pack a little too much when preparing for a trip. It’s easy to do so when you’re unsure of what you’ll truly need while away from home. Try to ask yourself if you REALLY need each item as you throw it into your luggage. If you don’t think you’ll use the item often while away, you most likely don’t need to pack it. But still, it’s difficult to know the necessities when getting ready for a getaway. But there are five essentials that every woman should carry with her to be ready for certain situations and feel organized on vacation.


A Reliable Watch

When in a foreign area, you’ll be hopping from sight to sight. Odds are that (probably due to taking so many pictures) your smartphone’s battery is going to get low or even die. You’ll want to keep track of the time to stay on top of your planned schedule. Knowing the time will be important because you want to be assured that you don’t miss out on any activities. You’ll need a reliable watch that is not only fashionable, but also has a long life span and is durable. Such a watch will last and remain undamaged throughout your entire trip until you return home, and you’ll also look chic as you travel various areas of your escape spot. The ideal watch that we recommend? Solgaard’s Aria Series One – Mesh. It’s a stainless steel watch with a minimalist look that will go with any outfit and fit any woman’s style. It comes in three attractive colors to choose from and is the perfect accessory that’ll keep you on track while traveling.



The Appropriate Toiletries

Are you actually going to use tweezers on vacation? It’s doubtful that you’ll be maintaining your eyebrows instead of exploring a new location. Cross tweezers off the list. The toiletries that are considered essential are…

Necessary medications: Daily prescriptions if you take any (such as birth control, etc.), Immodium or Pepto Bismol, and Ibuprofen or another medication for aches and pains. That list pretty much covers medications that would be needed for any illness/situation.

Items for Hygiene (and other female stuff): Toothbrush, (mini travel size) toothpaste/shampoo/conditioner/moisturizer, sunscreen, deodorant, razor, eye contacts if you wear them, bar of soap, tampons/pads if it’s that time of the month (and if it’s not that time of the month, still bring them JUST INCASE), and (OF COURSE) makeup…but only what you’ll apply on a daily basis. Do you need all of those different eyeshadow shades to create a perfect smoky eye for climbing mountains? Probably not. Consider your destination and the activities you’ll be partaking in when packing your makeup bag.


Passport and Health Insurance Card

These are givens, especially your passport if you’re exiting the country. That would be a complete disaster at the airport when you’re about to board the plane! Remember both of these items, as they can surprisingly be forgotten when you become wrapped up in packing everything else.


Practical Luggage

Because women like to find a good deal and tend to NOT want to spend a ton of cash, it’s unlikely for a female to drop a bunch of green on luggage. She’d probably rather that money go towards new clothing, accessories, feminine products, etc. etc. etc. However, when it comes to the item that’s holding all of your belongings when traveling, it’s necessary to splurge. An awesome piece of luggage that we recommend that isn’t overly expensive AND is worth every penny? Solgaard’s Lifepack: The Carry-On Closet. This suitcase is durable, includes a TSA approved lock AND contains an entire shelving system! The shelving system can be used in the suitcase or removed. This luggage will leave your clothing and items completely organized. Talk about convenience!




And Last, Correct Clothing

Packing clothing according to the weather of the place you are traveling is obviously essential, however, women tend to over pack clothing (and usually clothing that will not be needed!). Women create hypothetical situations that influence the clothing they decide to pack. “Oh, but what if it gets cold at night!” If you’re visiting a country that is in its dry season and it’s a fact that the heat will be extreme and the sun will be out the majority of the time, you definitely do not need to pack a heavy coat. Try to be realistic in regards to what outfits you’ll need. “But what if I need this pair of heels!” If you’re flying to a country that is all grass, has no nightlife and you know that you’ll be partaking in only outdoor activities, you do not need those heels. Think about practicality and be realistic, or else you’ll end up with a bunch of unnecessary clothing items in your luggage that’s only going to take up space.


Will you remember these essentials next time you’re packing for a getaway?