How to Eliminate Stress When Traveling: 4 Simple Ways


Taking a trip soon? Good for you! Traveling is exciting and always beneficial, because you can learn as you enjoy your time away from home. But what about the time leading up to your getaway? STRESS, STRESS and MORE STRESS! Are we right? Follow these 4 simple ways to eliminate stress when traveling and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.


Make a list before packing.

Packing is probably the most stressful part of traveling. Are you going to forget something? Are you going to have enough of each thing you’re bringing? Map out what you’ll need and for which days. Take into consideration how long you’ll be away, and also the expected weather. That way, you’ll know which clothing to pack and how much of it. Make a list of what you need and check off each item as you pack it. Try to list your items in order of importance, and also separate the items that will need to be packed last minute (the morning of your travel date- for example: wallet, toothbrush, phone charger, etc.). Having a detailed list to follow as you pack will put you at ease knowing that you will not forget anything and that you’ll be packing the correct items. Try to create this list over time and not all at once, as you’ll think of more and more things as time goes on. If you write it all at once, you’re more likely to forget a few things that should’ve been on there.


Stay on top of your arrangements.

Take into consideration the travel time to the airport if you are flying. You’ll need to factor in the taxi or car ride to the airport to assure that you’ll arrive on time for your flight. Check the airport’s website beforehand to be aware of delays or to learn other helpful information. Call the hotel you’re staying at or the owner of the house in which you’ll be sleeping to stay on top of your plans and know that everything will go smoothly once you arrive to your vacation destination. These are all little things that can be beneficial when getting ready for a trip, and they can certainly reduce stress.


Do all that you can to avoid getting sick.

Take vitamins or simply put Vitamin C packets into your water to drink the week leading up to your travel time. Getting sick for vacation is the WORST and will ruin your entire trip. Also, if you’re sick right before you travel, you’ll be completely stressed and your illness will linger. Make sure that you get enough sleep and try to stay relaxed before you leave. In addition, if you are a person who gets sick on airplanes or cruise ships, bring the medications that you’ll need in order to feel better. Be prepared in all aspects to be well for your trip so you can fully enjoy it!


Plan, plan and plan some more.

If you’re traveling somewhere that you’ve never been before, you’re going to need to do some planning. If uncertainty doesn’t cause you stress before the trip, it will most definitely cause you stress while you are on the trip. And nobody wants that! Research the transportation that you can take throughout the area that you are traveling. Look up some of the famous spots to eat and drink so you get the best experience. Make sure there’s enough space on your phone’s camera so you don’t miss out on taking any photos. Planning can seem stressful, so start doing it early. You’ll thank yourself once you arrive to a new area and have an agenda and idea of what to do.


Have these four simple ways to eliminate stress when traveling helped at all? We hope so! If you’re still hesitant and feeling a little stressed, Solgaard wants to help. The Carry-On Closet is durable and has integrated shelves to fit absolutely everything that you’ll need to pack. It’s also cabin-approved for carry-on with all airlines. Helpful? We think so.