The Best Times of Year to Get Away and Where to Escape


Planning to take a trip soon but unsure of where to visit? Don’t make the mistake of traveling to the perfect destination at the wrong time of year! Factors such as climate, cost and highlights or activities available should all play a role in your choice of time to get away. Escape to your ideal spot on earth at the right time of year by learning the inside scoop.



Get ready for the most beautiful site and adrenaline rush of your life, you’re going to Switzerland! Every January, the town of Château-d’Oex holds its nine-day hot air balloon festival. Both pilots and spectators gather in awe for the amazing site of balloons encompassing the entire sky. After the festival, hit up the slopes and ski throughout the snowy scenery. Western Switzerland is an ideal location for traveling in the month of January.



Enjoy warm weather by soaking up the sun in Florida (specifically Key West) during February. It’s one of America’s best warm-weather travel destinations and February is prime time for vacation, as it is the middle of dry season. This means the waters are calm and the temperatures are comfortably toasty. Take advantage of sailing and kayaking while the waters are superb in Key West, Florida, throughout the month of February.



Say “ciao” to Rome, Italy in the month of March. The weather is warm, but not too hot. There will be less visitors, as it’s not tourism season, so rates will be much lower and cost efficient. You can experience Easter time in Vatican City, or simply take in the atmosphere of Italy while you don’t have to worry about Rome being too congested or too clammy.



Pack your bags and practice using your chop sticks, you’re going to Japan! Kyoto, Japan is a sight to see during April, as it is Sakura season at the beginning of the month. Cherry blossoms have taken over the land and festivities are everywhere. Take in the nature all around you on a picnic or stroll during spring in Kyoto.



Renew your passport ASAP because you’re flying to Czech Republic! Prague is known for its three-week Spring Music Festival that takes place in May. Listen to the best of jazz, rock and classical music as you breathe in the fresh air of urban gardens. In May, flowers are in bloom and the city exudes scents of lilac. After you revel in the atmosphere, drink some beer at Prague’s Czech Beer Festival that takes place the middle of the month.



To Peru you go! Machu Picchu is waiting for your visit. June is the area’s dry season, which means you’ll avoid the heavy crowds that will be present in July and August. Stare in awe at all of the spectacular ruins in front of you as you walk the Inca Trail and are delighted by the environment.



Next stop, Australia! Melbourne, that is. July is Australia’s winter, so temperatures will be a little lower and the air will be chilly. But this city is budget-friendly and full of galleries and shops that can be appreciated during any weather. Try out an award-winning restaurant (as there are many, the city is known for them) and feel the breeze as you experience this beautiful city in Australia during July.



Summers in Iceland (specifically Westman Islands) have days that are up to 20 hours of sunlight! This amount of time in the sun will give you plenty of opportunities to visit the breathtaking settings this area has to offer, such as the Highlands and the Westfjords. Take a long, scenic hike or horseback ride throughout the rolling hills as your experience a land like no other in Westman Islands, Iceland this August.



Believe it or not, one of the best vacation spots where you can find a true escape in the month of September is Portland, Maine (USA). The summer tourists have left, leaving you with less crowds to deal with while you relax in ideal weather. Hotel rates drop after Labor Day, so this trip is not only pleasurable, but also less costly. Eat lobster rolls and awesome pastries in the state of Maine during the month of September to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.



Much like other travel destinations, Istanbul, Turkey undergoes lower rates, fewer tourists and comfortable weather in the fall. Istanbul has become known for its art scene, so go check out some museums and galleries as you explore Turkey on your visit. The restaurant scene is also worthy of trying out, so take a seat outside as you fancy the perfect temperatures in Istanbul, Turkey in October.



Get ready to enjoy some awesome meals at top-notch restaurants, you’re going to Toronto, Canada! Save money this November as hotel prices and airfare drop during this month, and also take in the beautiful sights (such as St. Lawrence Market and the Gehry-designed Art Gallery of Ontario) as there will not be too many crowds at this time. You’ll have fun walking around different galleries during the day and hopping from bar to bar at night this November in Canada.



Prepare yourself for breathtaking sights and lots of amusement as you pack your bags for Edinburgh, Scotland. You won’t be able to avoid crowds here in December, though, as approximately 150,000 people join together for Hogmanay, and end-of-the-year celebration that consists of fireworks, processions and concerts. Meet new friends as you travel Scotland during this celebration.


Do you know where your next getaway vacation will take you? Keep in mind the time of year and you’ll experience the escape of your life!